One Car Plus Two Races Equals Sweep for Laubach at New Egypt


New Egypt, NJ (October 5, 2008)Rick Laubach of Quakertown, PA used just one race car this weekend at New Egypt Speedway. That would be all he needed.  Driving the same Alpha Mills/Biever Racing small block #14 that he drove to victory on Saturday night in the 358 Modified race, Laubach swept the weekends events by winning both his heat and the 40 lap Garden State Dual Track Big Block Modified event on Sunday afternoon. Laubach pocketed another $5000 on FEDex Sunday at New Egypt bringing his Rocktoberfest weekend total winnings to $9000.  With just one race remaining, Laubach has all but clinched the first NJ State Dual Track Series championship as he has now won 5 of the 7 events.

Ryan Godown and Laubach brought the field down for starter Warren Alston’s green flag with Laubach wasting no time as he grabbed the early lead. Sam Martz moved up quickly and began challenging Laubach for the top spot to no avail. By lap 10, Godown had taken second back from Martz and was looking to catch the leader as they began to enter lapped traffic. Laubach was masterful in traffic as he lapped the field at will and increased his lead over the competition. This would be the theme of the first half of the race as everyone chased after Laubach. Then with 15 to go Godown suddenly began to gain on Laubach. With each passing lap the lead was evaporating for Laubach as Godown’s car was coming to him for the race to the finish. Eight laps from the finish Godown was poised to make his move in turn 3 as he went to the high side of the speedway to pass the leader. At this moment Laubach was on the inside trying to put a lap on Tim Tanner when they made contact resulting in Tanner getting into the inside guardrail bringing out the only caution of the event. The yellow maintained Laubach’s lead, and on the restart he easily pulled away from Godown to post his 4th win at NES this season. Godown settled for a strong second place run, while Ron John Koczon brought the Reid Sod Farm entry home third. Jimmy Horton was fourth and 2008 Bridgeport champ Mike Isles was fifth. The hard charger of the event had to be Jeff Strunk, as he started 25th and raced home sixth with the benefit of just 1 caution flag. Rounding out the top ten were Keith Hoffman, Martz, Dominick Buffalino and Frank Cozze.

2008 champion Willie Osmun of Bloomsbury, NJ won his fourth feature of the season as he captured the 25 lap Sportsman feature. Osmun passed leader Mike Lyons just before halfway and raced away to the victory. Jonny Scarborough of Vermont, making his first ever appearance at New Egypt, used the only caution of the event to his advantage as he grabbed second on the last lap restart. Unfortunately for Scarborough, he was disqualified during the post race inspection for using an incorrect tire. Mike Lyons finished second followed by Gary Butler, Lou Farina and Jack Swain.

The 20 lap SS Sprint feature was won by Central PA standout Frankie Herr. Herr, who won the first ever SS Sprint race at NES back in April of 2003, made it 2 for 2 as he took the lead from NES regular David Martin with just three laps to go for the victory. Martin, who was looking for his first career win, settled for second in the Sinibaldi Racing #9g. Tom Wyckoff finished third, John Romano Jr. raced home fourth and 5 time track champ Art Liedl was fifth.

The Outlaw Stock 20 lap event came down to the wire as P.J. Oliver of Cream Ridge, NJ captured his first ever feature win. Oliver passed race long leader Spider Ensinger, Jr. with 4 laps remaining and cruised to the victory. Ensinger settled for second, first time invader Dean Woolford was third, followed by former Super Stock racer Jason Saredy and Jeff Dirkes.


The New Egypt Speedway fans proved again why they are the best in racing, as they donated over $1400 to breast cancer research. The gift auction that raised the money was run by Earl Megill (who runs the track souvenir stand) and his family in memory of his wife Carol Megill.


This concludes the 2008 racing season at NES. Owners Bill Miscoski and Fred Vahlsing would like to take this time to thank all of the fans, competitors, sponsors and the entire staff of New Egypt Speedway for everyone’s support this season.


A few other events are still left on the schedule this year, the Halloween Havoc Demo Derby and Enduro is on tap for Sunday afternoon Oct. 26th and the Race Car Swap Meet and Flea Market is set for Saturday Nov. 15th. There are also 2 more Mud Hops scheduled this season. For more information, call the speedway office at (609) 758-1900 or log on to www.newegyptspeedway.net.


10/5/08 RESULTS
1st Heat: 1. Rick Laubach 2. Jimmy Horton 3. Dominick Buffalino 4. Mike Isles 5. Chic Cossaboone
2nd Heat: 1. Ron John Koczon 2. Frank Cozze 3. Rich Rutski 4. Jimmy Horton IV 5. Jim Robertson
3rd Heat: 1. Bob Drayton 2. Keith Hoffman 3. Jimmy Chester 4. Sam Martz 5. Mike McAleer 
4th Heat: 1. Ryan Godown 2. Brian Kressley 3. Ken Carberry 4. Rocco Infante 5. Rick Wegner
1st B-Main: 1. Chad James 2. Dave Stonebraker 3. Jeff Strunk
2nd B-Main: 1. Billy Pauch 2. John Miloszar 3. Mike Gular
Provisionals:  Tim Tanner Jr., Tom Carberry


Feature (40 Laps): 1. Rick Laubach 2. Ryan Godown 3. Ron John Koczon 4. Jimmy Horton 5. Mike Isles 6. Jeff Strunk 7. Keith Hoffman 8. Sam Martz 9. Dominick Buffalino 10. Frank Cozze 11. Jimmy Chester 12. Jim Robertson 13. Rich Rutski 14. Jimmy Horton IV 15. Chad James 16. Ken Carberry 17. Mike Gular 18. Dave Stonebraker 19. Chic Cossaboone 20. Tom Carberry 21. John Miloszar 22. Tim Tanner Jr. 23. Rocco Infante 24. Mike McAleer 25. Bob Drayton 26. Billy Pauch 27. Brian Kressley 28. Rick Wegner


DNQ: Chris Grbac, Rick Holsten, Brian Pearson, Troy Wink, Chris Whitehead, Carmine Infante, Tom Hager, Ricky Yetter, Brad Freeman, John Salvatore Jr., Bob Sarkasian, Rich Scagliotta. 
1st Heat: 1. Mike Lyons 2. Lou Farina III 3. Jack Swain 4. Sean Gunther 5. Jonny Scarborough 6. Clay Butler
2nd Heat: 1. John Romano Jr. 2. Mike Howardson 3. Dan Waisempacher 4. Chris Allen Jr. 5. Pete Phillips 6. Jason Treat 
3rd Heat: 1. Willie Osmun 2. Marc Herman 3. Tim Apgar 4. Gary Butler 5. George Quinlan 6. Frank Cozze Jr.
B-Main: 1. Jeff Geiges 2. Josh Biever 3. John McClelland 4. Justin Hoffman 5. Kevin Smith 6. Kevin Vaclavicek


Feature (25 Laps): 1. Willie Osmun 2. Mike Lyons 3. Gary Butler 4. Lou Farina III 5. Jack Swain 6. George Quinlan 7. Sean Gunther 8. Tim Apgar 9. Frank Cozze Jr. 10. Marc Herman 11. John McClelland 12. Dan Waisempacher 13. Mike Howardson 14. Pete Phillips 15. Clay Butler 16. Kevin Smith 17. Jeff Geiges 18. Kevin Vaclavicek 19. Justin Hoffman 20. Jason Treat 21. Chris Allen Jr. 22. Josh Biever 23. John Romano Jr. DQ: Jonny Scarborough


DNQ: John Bohadel, Robin McTighe, Everett Taylor, Jason Kosch, James Morris, Guy Germano, Wayne Bechtel, Jeff Marcucci.
Timed-Dashes: 1. Art Liedl (18.279) 2. John Romano 3. Mark Bitner 4. Bryan Kuhl 5. Robert Liedl


Feature (20 Laps): 1. Frankie Herr 2. David Martin 3. Tom Wyckoff 4. John Romano Jr. 5. Art Liedl 6. Bryan Kuhl 7. Lee Taylor Jr. 8. Bob Hockenberry 9. Robert Liedl 10. Tom Tomasko 11. Dan Biggs 12. John Stehman 13. Evan Berardi 14. Jared Miller 15. Frank Smith 16. Mark Bitner 
1st Heat: 1. Jason Saredy 2. Vern McLaughlin 3. Rich Reider 4. Doug Debray 5. Brian Ludwig
2nd Heat: 1. Tom Wills 2. Spider Ensinger Jr. 3. P.J. Oliver 4. Doug Bates 5. Carl Wagner


Feature (20 Laps): 1. P.J. Oliver 2. Spider Ensinger Jr. 3. Dean Woolford 4. Jason Saredy 5. Jeff Dirkes 6. Joe Zvorsky 7. Dan Collamer 8. Jay Bundy 9. John Meyer 10. Joe Garey 11. Marty Van Druten 12. Rick Broschard 13. Rich Mongeau 14. Brian Ludwig 15. Carl Wagner 16. Bill Connelly 17. Ron Dirkes 18. Billy Wroble 19. Rich Reider 20. Spider Ensinger Sr. 21. Chris Heller 22. Doug Bates 23. Vern McLaughlin 24. Doug Debray 25. Tom Wills