Hoffman Wins 4th, Pauch Takes 4th New Egypt Title


New Egypt, NJ (Sept. 20, 2008) – Keith Hoffman of Whitehall, PA battled to his fourth feature win of the season on Saturday night at the New Egypt Speedway, however it was Billy Pauch of Frenchtown, NJ who won the war as he was crowned Big-Block Modified champion at NES for the fourth time in his stellar career. Hoffman held off former 2-time champ Frank Cozze over the second half of the race to take the victory and put the pressure on Pauch for the championship, but Pauch watched that battle from the comfort of third position knowing that a top ten finish would clinch his first track title in 6 years on C&S Equipment Championship Night.

“Our car was great tonight,” stated a jubilant Hoffman in victory lane, “It feels good to end the season strong, we came out here and did what we had to do. My congratulations to Billy and his team, it was a great battle all year long.”

"We had a little more car than we showed at the end, but the championship pays a lot more than the race," stated a humble Pauch, "I want to thank every person who helps me on my car and all of my sponsors, and most of all the fans who cheer me on each week. Winning the most popular driver award from the fans earlier means more to me than anything else I could win, and makes this championship even more special.” Pauch then continued, “I want to dedicate this championship to my good friend Joe Pratt, who we lost much too young a few weeks ago.”
The final point race of the season got off to a slow start as several yellows slowed the action during the first 4 laps. Fourth place starter Tom Carberry grabbed the quick lead, and once things got sorted out he drove away from the field. Hoffman and Cozze both came from deep in the pack and marched their way to the front, grabbing second and third respectively by lap 10. At halfway the duo began to cut into Carberry’s advantage and on lap 18 Hoffman dove under Carberry in turn four for the lead. The two made incidental contact as they raced down the frontstretch with Carberry’s mount slowing to a stop in turn one to bring out the caution. The restart found Hoffman pacing the pack as Pauch entered the picture in third. Over the final 10 laps Cozze began to make a serious bid for the win, but Hoffman was up to every challenge as he went on to capture the 26th win at NES of his career. Cozze settled for a strong second, with Pauch following them across the line in third to win the 2008 Modified track title. Rick Laubach finished fourth while Tim Tanner, Jr. locked up third in the final points by crossing the line in fifth.

In the A-1 Sportsman division, Dan Waisempacher of Bloomsbury, NJ won the first feature of his young career in the 20 lap event. Waisempacher drove a smooth race that almost seemed effortless at times as he beat all-time Sportsman win leader Rich Scagliotta to the checkered flag. Waisempacher also pocketed an extra $300 bounty for beating Gary Butler, ending his 4 race win streak. Ryan Forte finished third, followed by Butler and John Romano, Jr. Willie Osmun claimed his 2nd straight track title by finishing in ninth place, his 18th top ten finish of the season in 20 events.

Former champ Rob Ormsbee of Wall, NJ claimed his 4th feature win of the year in the 20 lap Super Stock feature event. Last week’s winner George Quinlan was second, followed by Pete Fogarty, & Bill Liedtka. Todd Cray finished in fifth to lock up his first ever Point Championship at NES.   
Bryan Papiez bested the largest field of the year for the second straight week in the 15 lap Crate-1 Sportsman feature, however he was disqualified following the post race tech-inspection. This gave the victory to George Idell, Jr. who had drove up from the fifth row to finish second. For Idell it was his first victory in the Crate-1 Sportsman. Jon Haegele came home second with five-time winner Richie Cass, Sr. taking third and earning his first Track Championship at New Egypt.

In the Outlaw Stock 15 lap feature Vern McLaughlin won his third race of the year. Point leader Rich Mongeau finished second and captured the 2008 Outlaw Stock Championship in the process. Brian Ludwig drove home third.

John Romano, Jr. won the SS Sprint feature in impressive fashion, taking his second victory of the year by nearly half of a straightaway. Dave Martin finished second in just his fourth outing in the Sinibaldi #9G, and Art Liedl finished third to win his incredible fifth straight SS Sprint title.

Earlier in the evening, Steve Barrick of Program Dynamics, Inc. presented the “Most Popular Driver” awards, tallied from year long fan balloting. In what he described as a record number of ballots submitted (over 3000), Billy Pauch (Modified), John Romano, Jr. (Sportsman), Billy Bauer (Super Stock) and Art Liedl (SS Sprint) took home the top honors.   
New Egypt Speedway will return to action in two weeks on Saturday Oct. 4th and Sunday Oct. 5th with the big Rocktoberfest weekend season finale presented by Allstate and FedEx. Saturday Oct. 4th will feature Open Competition 358 Modifieds and the Rislone URC Sprint Series. They will be joined by the Super Stocks and Crate-1 Sportsman with action getting underway at 6pm. On Sunday afternoon, Oct. 5th, the Big Block Modifeds will compete in the 7th leg of the Garden State Dual Track Series featuring the best from drivers from both New Egypt and Bridgeport Speedway’s. The Modifieds will be joined on the card by the A-1 Racing Products Sportsman, SS Sprints and the Outlaw Stocks. Racing will begin at 1pm. For more information, call the speedway office at (609) 758-1900 or log on to www.newegyptspeedway.net.


9/20/08 RESULTS
1st Heat: 1. Pat Wall 2. Ron John Koczon 3. Keith Hoffman 4. Mark Forte Jr. 5. Mike McAleer 6. Brad Freeman
2nd Heat: 1. John Salvatore Jr. 2. Frank Cozze 3. John Miloszar 4. Ricky Yetter 5. Kenny Meisner 6. Sam Martz
3rd Heat: 1. Tom Carberry 2. Tad Cox 3. Rick Laubach 4. Billy Pauch 5. Stan Frankenfield Jr. 6. Tim Tanner Jr.
B-Main: 1. John Keller 2. Jim Robertson 3. Kenny Brightbill 4. Rick Wegner 5. Ken Carberry 6. Dave Stonebraker (Pts Prov. Dominick


Feature (30 Laps): 1. Keith Hoffman 2. Frank Cozze 3. Billy Pauch 4. Rick Laubach 5. Tim Tanner Jr. 6. Tad Cox 7. Sam Martz 8. Kenny Carberry 9. Kenny Brightbill 10. Jim Robertson 11. Pat Wall 12. Rick Wegner 13. Mike McAleer 14. Dave Stonebraker 15. Kenny Meisner 16. Brad Freeman 17. Tom Carberry 18. Mark Forte Jr. 19. Ricky Yetter 20. Ron John Koczon 21. John Miloszar 22. Stan Frankenfield Jr. 23. John Salvatore Jr. 24. John Keller 25. Dominick Buffalino


DNQ: Robbie Nixon, Chris Grbac, Bobby Sandt Jr., Rick Holsten, Bob Drayton, Marc Herman, Mark Forte Jr., Randy Laird, Mike Hendershot.
1st Heat: 1.Ryan Forte 2. Dan Waisempacher 3. Willie Osmun 4. Frank Cozze Jr. 5. Dave Seip 6. Jeff Geiges
2nd Heat: 1. Rich Scagliotta 2. Chris Lane 3. Clay Butler 4. John McClelland 5. John Romano Jr. 6. Jeff Marcucci
3rd Heat: 1. Gary Butler 2. Rocco Infante 3. Mike Howardson 4. Alan Bleacher 5. Tim Apgar 6. Randy Yaple
B-Main: 1. Ray Woodall Jr. 2. Will Dupree 3. Marc Herman 4. Steve Schmidt 5. Chris Allen Jr. 6. Andy Visinski (Pts. Prov.: Lou Farina)


Feature (20 Laps): 1. Dan Waisempacher 2. Rich Scagliotta 3. Ryan Forte 4. Gary Butler 5. John Romano Jr. 6. Ray Woodall Jr. 7. Tim Apgar 8. Mike Lyons 9. Willie Osmun 10. John McClelland 11. Jeff Marcucci 12. Will Dupree 13. Mike Howardson 14. Frank Cozze Jr. 15. Jeff Geiges 16. Chris Allen Jr. 17. Andy Visinski 18. Lou Farina 19. Marc Herman 20. Clay Butler 21. Alan Bleacher 22. Steve Schmidt 23. Randy Yaple 24. Rocco Infante 25. Chris Lane


DNQ: John Bohadel, Robin McTighe, Everett Taylor, Jimmy Watts, John Marini, Jason Kosch, Harris Kohen


Timed-Dashes: 1. Mick Search 19.345 2. Bill Liedtka 19.638 3. Billy Bauer 19.731 4. Rob Ormsbee 19.789 5. Kory Fleming 19.922 6. Todd Cray 19.956 7. Pete Fogarty 20.098 8. George Quinlan 20.154


Feature (20 Laps): 1. Rob Ormsbee 2. George Quinlan 3. Pete Fogarty 4. Bill Liedtka 5. Todd Cray 6. Kory Fleming 7. Jason Bubeck 8. Marty Derr 9. Bob Vaccaro 10. Billy Bauer 11. Norm Saxton 12. George Marrero 13. Al Burdge 14. Jesse McLaughlin 15. Harry Schaefer 16. Charlie Gunner 17. Mick Search 18. Mike Dzingleski 19. Glen Rosenberger
Timed-Dashes: 1. John Romano Jr. 17.019 2. Tom Wyckoff 17.500 3.  Bryan Kuhl 17.595 4. Rick Cozze 17.625 5. Tom Tomasko 17.702 6. Art Liedl 17.741 7. David Martin 17.777 8. Dan Biggs 17.842


Feature (20 Laps): 1. John Romano Jr. 2. David Martin 3. Art Liedl 4. Dan Biggs 5. Ed Hughes 6. Tom Wyckoff 7. Robert Liedl 8. Tom Tomasko 9. Frankie Smith 10. Ken Buckley 11. Jim Hoelterling 12. Rick Cozze 13. Bryan Kuhl 14. Ian Borden 15. Evan Berardi
Feature (15 Laps): 1. Vern McLaughlin 2. Rich Mongeau 3. Brian Ludwig 4. Rob Longo 5. Spider Ensinger Sr. 6. Dan Collamer 7. Doug Bates 8. Jason Saredy 9. Gary Klimeczak 10. Chris Felber 11. Frank D'Entremont 12. Jason Dipasquale 13. Scott Dugan 14. Doug Debray 15. Jay Bundy 16. Whitey Miller 17. Bill Connolly 18. Rich Smith 19. Goop Mondelli 20. P.J. Oliver 21. Spider Ensinger Jr. 22. Billy Wroble 23. Jason Dooley 24. Tony Klimeczak
Feature (15 Laps): 1. George Idell Jr. 2. Jon Haegele 3. Richie Cass Sr. 4. Gabe Fox 5. Scott Cranstoun 6. Rob Stump 7. Steve Davis 8. Lee Allen 9. Ray Woodall Sr. 10. Eddie Prentice Jr. 11. Ron Barnstead 12. Darrel Delnero  13. Eric Engstrom 14. Jason Treat 15. Mike Mongiello 16. Dan Stout 17. Rich Steele DQ: Bryan Papiez, DNS: Archie Myers, Tom Raneri