Buffalino & Martin Share New Egypt Spotlight 
New Egypt, NJ (Aug. 16, 2008) – New Egypt, NJ (August 16, 2008) – Dominick Buffalino of Morganville, NJ won his second event of the season Saturday night as he captured the 30 lap Modified feature at New Egypt Speedway. Buffalino grabbed the lead from Jim Robertson with just 4 laps remaining and never looked back on his way to his fourth career win. In the ARDC Midget portion of the program, Andy Martin won his third career feature at NES in dramatic fashion as he held off Billy Pauch Jr. by less than a car length to seal the victory on Vespia Tire and Auto Care Night.   

“Robertson was very fast tonight,” stated Buffalino in victory lane, “At halfway I started to run the same line he was and it paid off.”
Bill Paulmenn was the early race leader until Jim Robertson ran him down and quickly gained command of the event on lap 4 moments after blasting by Buffalino. Buffalino quickly charged into second and the race was on. Robertson appeared to be the class of the field as Buffalino kept trying different grooves and lines, but with 10 to go it was evident that Buffalino was on to something. Each lap Buffalino closed the distance on Robertson, and on lap 26 Buffalino was close enough to make his move. Once Buffalino had the lead, he raced to the popular victory by five car lengths. Robertson was strong thru-out the event capturing second. Tim Tanner, Jr. and Rick Laubach, both previous winners this season, finished third and fourth respectively after both started the race back on row seven. Pole sitter Paulmenn was impressive finishing in the top five for the second time this year.

The ARDC Midgets saw former champ Andy Martin grab the early lead and run away and hide from the rest of the field. However, 17th starting Billy Pauch, Jr. had raced into second with 2 laps to go and then got the yellow he had hoped for. This brought leader Andy Martin back in sight for the restart and Martin drove flawlessly to just hold off Pauch Jr’s bid for his first win with ARDC.  P.J. Gargiulo was third followed by A.J. Ernesto and Nick Wean.

In the A-1 Racing Products Sportsman feature, Ryan Forte of Blue Anchor, NJ ran away and hid in the 20 lap non-stop affair. John Stangle chased Forte for most of the race and crossed the line in second. Frank Cozze Jr., Rocco Infante and Chris Lane rounded out the top five. Kevin Vaclavicek crossed the line fifth but was disqualified for being too light across the scale.

Defending Champion George Quinlan took home top honors in the Super Stock division chased across the finish line by Todd Cray, Mick Search, Kory Fleming and Bob Vaccaro. The Crate-1 Sportsman feature also saw two of the top finishers DQ’d. Winner Pat Hires and third place finisher John Haegele were disqualified for having illegal Carburaters. Richie Cass, Sr. got the win, his fifth of the year, followed by Gabe Fox and Archie Myers.       
This Wednesday night, August 20th, it will be the 4th AND 5th leg of the New Egypt/Bridgeport Dual Track Series will take place at New Egypt Speedway. That’s right, not one but two Garden State Dual Track Series events will be run that night as the program will begin with the make-up B Main and 30 lap Dual Track feature event rained out on July 5th after qualifying heats had been run. Also being made up will be the very popular Modified Match races which also fell victim to the weather on July 5th. Then the Mods will do battle again in a full program capped off by the 30 lap Dual track event. A Sportsman Invitational race is also on tap for this evening.  For more information, call the speedway office at (609) 758-1900 or log on to www.newegyptspeedway.net.

1st Heat: 1. Bob Drayton 2. Pat Wall 3. Ricky Yetter 4. Bill Paulmenn 5. Mike Hendershot 6. Sam Martz 
2nd Heat: 1. Dominick Buffalino 2. Tim Tanner Jr. 3. John Salvatore Jr. 4. Rick Laubach 5. Keith Fleming 6. Ron John Koczon  
3rd Heat: 1. Billy Pauch Jr. 2. Jim Robertson 3. Keith Hoffman 4. Frank Cozze 5. Dave Stonebreaker 6. Mark Forte Jr. 
B Main:  1. Brian Godown 2. Rich Rutski 3. Stan Frankenfield Jr. 4. John Keller 5. Kenny Meisner 6. Tad Cox (Pts. Prov. Billy Pauch)


Feature (30 laps):  1. Dominick Buffalino 2. Jim Robertson 3. Tim Tanner Jr. 4. Rick Laubach 5. Bill Paulmenn 6. Dave Stonebreaker 7. Mike Hendershot 8. Frank Cozze 9. Ron John Koczon 10. Keith Hoffman 11. Mark Forte Jr. 12. Billy Pauch 13. Rich Rutski 14. Brian Godown 15. John Salvatore Jr. 16. Billy Pauch Jr. 17. Bob Drayton 18. Pat Wall 19. Sam Martz 20. Stan Frankenfield Jr. 21. John Keller 22. Keith Fleming 23. Kenny Meisner 24. Ricky Yetter 25. Tad Cox


DNQ:  Rick Wegner, Rick Holsten, Randy Laird, John Miloszar, Brad Freeman, Chris Grbac, Art Lentini, Billy Lowden, Tom Carberry, Bobby Sandt Jr. 
1st Heat: 1. Rich Scagliotta 2. Lou Farina 3. Will Dupree 4. Chris Lane 5. Donnie Kline 6. Dan Waisempacher  
2nd Heat: 1. Ryan Forte 2. Gary Butler 3. John Stangle 4. Frank Cozze Jr. 5. John McClelland 6. Willie Osmun 
3rd Heat: 1. Rocco Infante 2. John Romano Jr. 3. Marc Herman 4. Steve Schmidt 5. Kevin Vaclavicek 6. Jeff Geiges
B Main: 1. Clay Butler 2. Mike Howardson 3. Chad Barney 4. Ray Woodall Jr. 5. Chris Allen Jr. 6. Wayne Bechtel


Feature (20 Laps): 1. Ryan Forte 2. John Stangle 3. Frank Cozze Jr. 4. Rocco Infante 5. Chris Lane 6. Dan Waisempacher 7. John Romano Jr. 8. Willie Osmun 9. Will Dupree 10. Donnie Kline 11. Rich Scagliotta 12. Ray Woodall 13. Gary Butler 14. Mike Howardson 15. Lou Farina 16. Marc Herman 17. Jeff Geiges 18. Steve Schmidt 19. John McClelland 20. Chad Barney 21. Chris Allen Jr. 22. Wayne Bechtel 23. Clay Butler DQ: Kevin Vaclavicek


DNQ:  Andy Visinski, Randy Yaple, Robin McTighe, Everett Taylor, Jimmy Watts, John Marini Jr., Alan Bleacher  
Timed-Dashes: 1. Mick Search 19.718 2. Todd Cray 19.727 3. Billy Bauer 19.913 4. George Quinlan 19.966 5. George Marrero 20.014 6. Steve Davis 20.028 7. Bill Liedtka 20.139 8. Kory Fleming 20.160


Feature (20 laps): 1. George Quinlan 2. Todd Cray 3. Mick Search 4. Kory Fleming 5. Bob Vaccaro 6. Jason Bubeck 7. Billy Bauer 8. Norm Saxton 9. George Marrero 10. Kenny Guyer 11. Marty Derr 12. Don Shipley 13. Harry Schaefer 14. Kevin Bufulco 15. Shawn McCaughey 16. Steve Davis 17. Al Burdge 18. Bill Liedtka 19. Jesse McLaughlin 20. Tony Giglio 21. Kenny Hammond 22. Pete Fogarty 23. Herb Stout 24. Charlie Gunner
1st Heat: 1. Drew Heistand 2. Frank Polimeda 3. Bruce Buckwalter 4. Greg Robinson 5. Randy Monroe Jr. 6. PJ Gargiulo
2nd Heat: 1. Andy Martin 2. AJ Ernesto 3. Zach  Martini 4. Jack Spence 5. Chris Zrinski 6. Scott Zipp 
3rd Heat: 1. Billy Pauch Jr. 2. Tracy Readinger 3. Nick Wean 4. Andy Hannula 5. Carey Becker 6. Steve Craig
B Main: 1. Steve Buckwalter 2. Brett Arndt 3. Steve Lenig 4 Paul Kline 5. Stephanie Stevens 6. Jimmy Commock 7. Brett Conkling 8. Shane Penny


Feature (20 laps): 1. Andy Martin 2. Billy Pauch Jr. 3. PJ Gargiulo 4. AJ Ernesto 5. Nick Wean 6. Bruce Buckwalter 7. Frank Polimeda 8. Chris Zrinski 9. Zach Martini 10. Brett Arndt 11. Greg Robinson 12. Paul Kline 13. Stephanie Stevens 14. Steve Lenig 15. Shane Penny 16. Scott Zipp 17. Drew Heistand 18. Carey Becker 19. Steve Craig 20. Tracy Readinger 21. Randy Monroe Jr. 22. Andy Hannula 23. Jimmy Cammock  24. Jack Spence 25. Steve Buckwalter 26. Brett Conkling 
Feature (15 laps): 1. Richie Cass Sr. 2. Gabe Fox 3. Archie Myers 4. Darrel Delnero 5. Ron Barnstead 6. George Idell Jr. 7. Rob Stump 8. Lee Allen 9. Tom Raneri 10. Rich Steele 11. Scott Cranstoun 12. Bryan Papiez DQ: Pat Hires, Jon Haegele