Cozze Beats the Competition and Mother Nature at New Egypt 


New Egypt, NJ (June 14, 2008) – Frank  Cozze of Wind Gap, PA broke out in a big way Saturday night as he won his first feature of the 2008 season at New Egypt Speedway on Pathway Car Care night. He overcame many odds en route to the 30 lap Modified victory including a 90 minute rain delay in the middle of the race. Cozze grabbed the lead from Bob Drayton 3 laps after the race resumed and drove his heart out in his #44 small-block to record the 23rd win of his career at NES.  This marks the 8th straight season that Cozze has recorded at least one Modified Victory.


"This Small Block motor was awesome tonight," an exuberant Cozze stated in victory lane, “The track crew deserves all of the credit tonight getting the track back after the rain. I know that I have never raced at a better facility in my career, and this is just another example of their commitment to the sport.”  
Mark Forte Jr. grabbed the early lead in the event before giving way to Mike Hendershot.  Hendershot was fast on this evening but Bob Drayton appeared to be even faster as he scooted by Hendershot to take the lead on lap 7. On lap ten the yellow appeared for point leader and three time winner Billy Pauch as he tangled with a couple of cars in turn two, ending his evening. Just then, heavy rain moved in forcing the cars to head pit side. The heavy shower lasted about 20 minutes soaking the track thoroughly, but track officials did not want to be hasty and when the rain ended, heavy equipment was dispatched to the track immediately. After an hour and 15 minutes of working the track, it was ready to race on and the Modified feature was resumed. Cozze restarted in fifth spot and 3 laps later he was leading the event. Bob Drayton hung right with Cozze the final 12 laps, but could not find enough speed to pull along side for a challenge, and Cozze went on to post the victory with Drayton taking second along with the division point lead. Mike Hendershot drove a great race to finish in third, followed by Tom Carberry in fourth and Brian Godown fifth.


In the A-1 Racing Products Sportsman division, Tommy Carberry, Jr. seemed to be headed to his first career victory until the final lap, when he pushed up over the cushion in turn two. This allowed last week’s winner Rocco Infante to slip underneath and post his second straight win.  Carberry recovered quickly and crossed the line a disappointing second. Although it was a heartbreaking outcome for him, he deserves all the credit in the world for his impressive run which certainly will not be his last. Third place went to Chris Lane, while Gary Butler and John McClelland completed the top five.


Mick Search of Allentown, NJ won his first event of the season in the 20 lap Super Stock feature. Last week's winner Rob Ormsbee applied constant pressure over the final 8 laps but could not muster enough to get by Search and settled for the runner-up position. George Marrero came home third, with Todd Cray fourth and George Quinlan rounding out the top 5.


John Romano, Jr. of New Egypt, NJ grabbed his first feature win in the SS Sprint division, which also marked the first ever win for his car owner. Romano, who has won twice in the Sportsman division this season, took the lead early in the event and withstood a fierce challenge from 4 time champ Art Liedl. Liedl got alongside of Romano in the final turn but fell just feet short and finished second. Third thru fifth were John Snook, Robert Liedl and Ian Borden. Bryan Kuhl crossed the line in third but failed the post race tech. inspection for oversized Carbeurator spacers.


In the eighth race of the Advantage Financial/Cradle Rock Developers Rookie Sportsman series, Bobby Sandt, Jr. of Nazareth, PA became the sixth different winner as he went wire to wire to take top honors in the 8 lap non-stop event. Last week's winner Andy Visinski finished in second followed by Rob Stump third.


The 15 lap Outlaw Stock feature was won by Brian Ludwig of Pemberton, NJ won for the second time this year. Rich Mongeau finished second followed by PJ Oliver. 
Next Saturday night, June 21st, it will be the second appearance of the traveling URC Sprint Cars as well as Banner night sponsored by C & M Auto Parts. The racing will also feature a full card of big-block Modifieds, A-1 Sportsman, Crate 1 Sportsman, Outlaw Stocks & the Advantage Financial/Cradle Rock Developers Rookies. Gates open at 4:00 p.m. with first green at 5:30 pm. For more information, call the speedway office at (609) 758-1900 or log on to www.newegyptspeedway.net.


1st Heat: 1. Bob Drayton 2. Billy Pauch 3. Mark Forte Jr. 4. Kenny Meisner 5. Mike Hendershot  6. Jim Robertson 
2nd Heat: 1. Mike Krachun 2. Tom Carberry  3. Tad Cox 4. Frank Cozze 5. Dominick Buffalino 6. Steve Haggan
3rd Heat: 1. Keith Hoffman 2. Tim Tanner Jr. 3. Brian Godown 4. Rick Laubach 5. Ron John Koczon 6. Sam Martz
B Main:  1. Billy Pauch Jr. 2. Bill Paulmenn 3. John Keller  4. Stan Frankenfield Jr. 5. Pat Wall  6. John Miloszar (Points Provisional: John Salvatore Jr. )


Feature (30 laps):  1. Frank Cozze 2. Bob Drayton 3. Mike Hendershot 4. Tom Carberry 5. Brian Godown 6. Keith Hoffman 7. Tim Tanner Jr. 8. Ron John Koczon 9. John Keller 10. Kenny Meisner 11. Jim Robertson 12. Steve Haggan 13. Stan Frankenfield Jr. 14. Tad Cox 15. Dominick Buffalino 16. Bill Paulmenn 17. Mike Krachun 18. Rick Laubach 19. Mark Forte Jr. 20. Pat Wall  21. John Miloszar Jr. 22. John Salvatore 23. Billy Pauch Jr. 24. Bily Pauch 25. Sam Martz


DNQ: Ricky Yetter, Brad Freeman, Anthony Moran, Rick Wegner, Chris Grbac, Keith Fleming.
Rookie Feature (8 laps): 1. Bobby Sandt Jr. 2. Andy Visinski 3. Rob Stump 4. Gabe Fox 5. Chris Allen Jr. 6. Kevin Vaclavicek 7. Wayne Grover 8. Jimmy Watts 9. Steve Lane 10. Jim Housworth


1st Heat: 1.Danny Bouc 2. Will Dupree 3. John McClelland 4. Tim Apgar 5. Lou Farina III 6. Willie Osmun  
2nd Heat: 1. John Stangle 2. Gary Butler 3. Frank Cozze Jr. 4. John Romano Jr. 5. Chris Lane 6. Mario Page 
3rd Heat: 1. Mike Howardson 2. Rocco Infante 3. Rich Scagliotta 4. Tommy Carberry 5. Marc Herman 6. Dan Waisempacher 
1st B Main: 1. Ray Woodall 2. Ryan Forte 3. Steve Schmidt 4. Bob Hendershot 5. Chad Barney 6. Wayne Bechtel


Feature (20 Laps): 1. Rocco Infante 2. Tommy Carberry Jr. 3. Chris Lane 4. Gary Butler 5. John McClelland 6. Mario Page 7. Willie Osmun 8. Danny Bouc 9. Tim Apgar 10. John Romano Jr. 11. Will Dupree 12. Steve Schmidt 13. Chad Barney 14. Dan Waisempacher 15. Mike Howardson 16. Frank Cozze Jr. 17. Bobby Sandt Jr. 18. Bob Hendershot 19. Wayne Bechtel 20. Rich Scagliotta 21. Lou Farina III 22. Kevin Vaclavicek 23. Marc Herman 24. Ray Woodall Jr. DNS: John Stangle, Ryan Forte


DNQ: Joe Baumann, Jeff Marcucci, Everett Taylor, Kevin Vaclavicek, Chris Allen Jr., Andy Visinski, Tom Gibson, Steve Lane, Jimmy Watts, JJ Marini, Mike Mongiello, Clay Butler.
Feature (20 laps): 1. Mick Search 2. Rob Ormsbee 3. George Marrero 4. Todd Cray 5. George Quinlan 6. Billy Bauer 7. Jason Bubeck 8. Marty Derr 9. Al Burdge 10. Harry Schaefer 11. Bob Vaccaro 12. Nick Vasquez 13. Jesse McLauglin 14. Steve Davis 15. Pete Fogarty 16. Tony Giglio 17. Bill Liedtka 18. Dan Stout 19. Kory Fleming  DNS: Charlie Gunner, Craig Martin
Feature (15 Laps): 1.Brian Ludwig 2. Rich Mongeau 3. PJ Oliver 4. Chris Felber 5. Whitney Miller 6. Rich Smith 7. Scott Dugan 8. Billy Wroble 9. Doug Bates 10. Vern McLauglin 11. Gary Klimeczak 12. Jim Connolly 13. Rob Bretigan 14. Al Bundy 15. Stu Paer 16. Doug Debray 17. Spider Ensinger Jr. 18. Goop Mondelli 19. Ed Tinsman 20. Dan Collamer
Feature (25 Laps): 1. John Romano Jr. 2. Art Leidl 3. John Snook 4. Robert Liedl 5. Ian Borden 6. Tom Wyckoff 7. Robbie Nixon 8. Rick Cozze 9. Dan Biggs 10. Ed Hughes 11. Frank Smith 12. Ken Buckley 13. Glenn Sinibaldi 14. Kevin Nagy DQ: Bryan Kuhl DNS: Jimmy Hoelterling