Hellertown, PA.’s Rick Laubach Wins Bridgeport’s Season Opener and Inaugural Bridgeport-New Egypt Modified 30 Laps $3000 Challenge


Bridgeport, NJ (April 5, 2008) – Laubach chases down Keith Hoffman to win the first ever Bridgeport-New Egypt Challenge and his 19th Bridgeport Speedway Feature win. Whitehall PA’s Keith Hoffman jumped out to an early lead from the pole and looked to be the dominating force on the track as he began a blistering pace in front on the field.  Pratt and Laubach soon begin to slug it out in an attempt to take on the 2nd spot held by Sarkisian. Ray Swinehart soon has mechanical problems as Pratt and Laubach make the pass on Sarkisian for the 2nd and 3rd spots with Mike Iles, “The Flying Farmer” Wade Hendrickson and Jimmy Horton close behind. Laubach finally gets a run on Pratt to move into the 2nd spot.


Hendrickson and Iles now start to battle it out for the 4th and 5th spots. Iles make a great “thread the needle” pass between Horton and Sarkisian in turns 1 and 2 to take the 3rd spot as Laubach begins to start reeling in the leader Hoffman. Pratt is now in 3rd and losing ground on Laubach with “The Medford Mad Dog” and Horton battling it out in the corners for 5th.


Laubach is now on Hoffman’s bumper has they head down the front stretch and makes the pass as the new leader heading into turns 1 and 2 as the half point nears.  Now Hoffman has his hands full with Pratt as the new leader Laubach hits lapped traffic. Pratt soon gets a run on Hoffman send him back to 3rd.  Laubach is at the point with Pratt 2nd, Hoffman 3rd followed by Hendrickson, Iles and Horton as a late yellow bunches the field for a restart. Laubach chooses the inside line for the start with Hoffman back in 2nd. Pratt gets an inside run on Hoffman as the green flag flies and the leaders head down the front stretch. Mike Iles gets a run on Henderickson as they head into turn 2 to take the 4th spot away with Horton close behind. Iles now sets his sights on the 3rd spot of Hoffman and makes the pass in turns 3 and 4 for 3rd. Laubach has now started opening up a nice lead on the rest of the field. Iles is now all over the 2nd place of Pratt as the final laps begin to wind down. With Laubach eyeing the checkered flag heading down the front stretch, the “Medford Mad Dog” Mike Iles throws an outside pass on Pratt coming out of turn 4 to steal the 2nd spot away. Pratt settles for 3rd with Hoffman, 4th and Wade Hendrickson rounding out the top 5. This is Laubach’s 19th Bridgeport feature win leaving him just one win away from entering the top 10 all time.


Barnsboro’s “The Thrill” Jesse Hill holds of rich Scagliotta to win the Bridgeport/New Egypt Challenge 358 Sportsman’s 20 Lap feature on the Famed 5/8th mile clay.


Hill started on the pole but things quickly got out of hand as 2 mid pack cars appeared to have lock horns down the front stretch.  As the rear of the field slowed and tried to avoid, a 13 car altercation occurred heading into turn one with the #26 of Dan Cogdill and the #31 of Frank Dorry Jr wildly flipping into turn one. With no place to go several cars were strewn everywhere with a few piled hi with the#18 of Bob Rambone on top of the heap. Rambone had to exit his Sportsman and climb down from thetop of the wreckage. All drivers were OK with no reported injuries. Included in the green flag melee were the 388 of Ray Woodall Jr, #1 Fank Dorry Jr, #10 George Quinlan, #0 of Brett Ballard, #67 Scott Davis, #71 of  Chuck Hopkins, #126 Kevin Collins, #15 John Pursell, #R40 of Ryan Forte, Sean Gunther. Several of the drivers were to severly damaged and unable to return. Bridgeport regular Ron Roberts and defending Bridgeport series champion Kevin Collins were able to pit and return to the rear of the field.


On the restart, the #8 of Rich Scagliotta jumps out to the lead on Hill with Randy Yaple and Jimmy Horton IV battling behind.  Hill makes his move on the on Scarliotta for the lead and never looks back.  The big battle on the track to the checkered was between the top of six Yapple, Horton IV, John Stangle and Tom Miller for the third through fifth positions. Brett Ballard brought out a mid race yellow for a spin in turn 2. On the restart, Hill and Scagliotta are your leaders followed by Yaple, Horton IV, John Bouc in the 5th spot. Hill out powers Scagliotta down the front stretch to the turns to re-assume the lead. Yapple and Horton are now all over Scagliotta but can’t pull of the pass for the 2nd spot. As the feature winds down, Hill crosses the stripe for the win with Scagliotta in 2nd followed by Yapple, Horton IV and John Stangle in 5th spot from the 13th starting position.


Mohnton, PA’s Jason Rivers gets his first ever Bridgeport Feature win in the GM Sunoco Sportsman 15 lap feature.


John Haegele started on the pole for the GM Sunoco Sportsman Feature. The #66 of Rivers jumps out to the lead at the drop of the green with Bob Bartleson moving into 2nd Haegele gets loose and sideways but makes a great save as the yellow drops for the #0 of Neil Williams. On the restart Rivers and #720 of Bob Bartleson are on the point followed by #21 Tim Trimble, David Bell and Travis Hill rounding out the top 5. On the restart they go 3 wide into turns as the yellow flies again for a multi car tangle in turns 1 and 2 one for the front runners in Bartleson.  Rivers quickly jumps back out to he lead followed by with Trimble and Bell close behind Travis Hill in 4th. Haegele quickly begins to know work his way back to the front. Trimble does all he to snatch the lead away from Rivers on the HiSide but can pull it off.  Rivers starts to increase his lead another yellow flies for a spinning Mike Barone in turn 2.  At the drop of the green, Rivers is still the leader followed by Trimble, Haegele, Bell and Hill. Haegele puts a move on Bell and now sets his sights on Trimble bringing with him and out of nowhere John Micek. Mike Barone gets spun and yet another yellow comes out. One the restart, Rivers takes the green as the leader and never looks back. John Haegele sit up un the wheel after a miscue to race his way back into 2nd. Micek races hard passing hi and wide into the 3rd spot sending Trimble to finish 4th and David Bell finishing out the top 5.


Ken Watson out duels “Rapid” Rich Reider in side by side action win the Outlaw Stock Feature event.


The Outlaw Stocks maybe put on the best show of the night with Watson and Rapid Rich putting on a 6 lap side by side, door to door battle for the last 6 laps of their feature event. Rich Haegele started on the pole for the Outlaw Stock feature but it soon became the Watson/Reider show. Watson quickly raced to the lead from his 4th starting spot passing Jeff Dirkes, Jim Honeker and Rich Haegele along the way. Rich Reider quickly started his charge to the front from his 11th starting spot.  Within just a few laps Reider was contending for the lead with new leader and last years Champion Ken Watson. The two battled back and forth swapping the lead in a side by slid slug fest for the last 6 laps but Rapid Rich wasn’t able to out duel the Champ for the win. Watson takes the checkered, with a on his bumper Reider 2nd, Jeff Dirkes 3rd, Joe Eckert racing up from 10th for 4th and Mike Hires rounding out the top 5.


Tom Moore makes a last lap turn 4 pass to win the GM Sportsman Rookie event during the Bridgeport opening night event.


The rookies put on a classy show some looking like crafty veterans in their rookie debut. Tom Moore made a spectacular last lap HiSide turn 4 pass to win the event from his 4th starting spot from the #0 Neal Williams.


Big Modifieds:
Heat 1 Qualifiers: Wade Henderickson, Mike Iles, Jimmy Chester, Mark Forte, Chad James.
Heat 2 Qualifiers:  Jimmy Horton IV, Bob Sarkisian, Mark Forte, Ryan Watt, Steve Bottcher.
Heat 3 Qualifiers: Billy Pauch, Keith Hoffman, Richie Pratt, Mike Frantz, Scott Irwin.
Heat 4 Qualifiers: Rick Laubach, Jimmy Horton, Ray Swinehart, Chic Cossabone, Sam Martz
Consi 1: Lou Cicconi, Gary Huber, Bucky Kell, Stan Frankenfield
Consi 2: Matt Harrell, Jeff Brown, Darwin Greene, Anthony Moran
FEATURE; 1-Rick Laubach, 2-Mike Iles, 3- Richie Pratt Jr, 4-Keith Hoffman, 5-Wade Henderickson, 6-Jimmy Horton, 7- Jimmy Horton IV, 8-Bob Sarkisisan, 9-Jimmy Chester, 10-Mike Frantz, 11-Chic Cassabone, 12-Matt Harrell, 13-Ryan Watt, 14-Lou Cicconi, 15-Darwin Greene, 16-Gary Huber, 17-Mark Forte, 18-Steve Bottcher, 19-Scott Irwin, 20-Billy Pauch, 21-Sam Martz, 22-Mark Forte, 23-Jeff Brown, 24-Ray Swinehart.


358 Sportsman;
Heat 1 Qualifier’s: Bob Lineman Jr., Ron Roberts, Eric Kormann, Scott Davis, Jr, Jarrad Miller, John McClelland
Heat 2 Qualifier’s :  Jesse Hill, Danny Bouc, Sean Gunther, Jimmy Horton IV, John Stangle, Chuck Hopkins.
Heat 3 Qualifier’s : Tom Miller, Randy Yapple, Dan Cogdill, Rich Scagliotta, Ryan Forte, Clay Butler.
Consi Qualifier’s ; Craig Whitmoyer, Brett Ballard, Frank Dorry, Ray Woodall, Jr. John Pursell, George Quinlan.
FEATURE; 1-Jesse Hill, 2-Rich Scagliotta, 3-Randy Yapple, 4- Jimmy Horton IV, 5-John Stangle, 6-Tom Miller, 7- Jarrad Miller, 8-Brett Ballard, 9-George Quinlan, 10-John McClelland, 11-Clay Butler, 12-Kevin Collins, 13-Craig Whitmoyer, 14-Ray Woodall, Jr. 15-Danny Bouc, 16-Ron Roberts, 17-Sean Gunther, 18-Dan Cogdill, 19-Eric Kormann, 20-Scott Davis, Jr. 21-Ryan Forte, 22-Chuck Hopkins, 23-Frank Dorry, Jr. 24-John Pursell, 25-Guy Germano, 26-Bob Rambone.


GM Sportsman:
Heat 1 Qualifiers: Jon Haegele, Tim Trimble, John Micek, Travis Hill, Darryl Delano, Chuck Buchman, Corey Anderson, Tom Moore
Heat 2 Qualifiers:  Bob Bartleson, Keith Rivers, David Bell, Neil Williams, Jerry Carter, Mike Barone, Josh Marrow, Rich Jackson

FEATURE;  1-Jason Rivers, 2-Jon Haegele, 3-John Micek, 4-Tim Trimble, 5-David Bell, 6-Travis Hill, 7-Tom Moore Jr, 8-Brandon Guyer, 9-Bob Burgess, 10-Corey Anderson, 11-Josh Morrow, 12-Mike Barone, 13-Rich Jackson, 14-Doug Urbbano, 15-Brooke Bartleson 16-Bob Bartleson, 17-Chuck Buchman, 19-Darryl Delnero, 20-Neil Williams, 21-Gino Postarivo

GM Rookie Race: 1-Tom Moore, 2-Neil Williams, 3- Corey Anderson 4-Josh Morrow, 5-Bob Burgess, 6-Doug Urbano, 7-Brandon Guyer, 8-Brooke Bartleson, 9-Joey Milza

Outlaw Stocks:
FEATURE; 1-Ken Watson, 2-Rich Reider, 3-Jeff Dirks, 4-Mike Hires, 5-Mike Hires, 6- Jim Honeker, 7-Rick Haegele, 8-Karl Wagner, 9-Joe Trumbetti, 10-Draper Ellis, 11-Jim McLaughlin, Tom Wills