Pauch Back on Top at New Egypt, Wins First in Two Months

New Egypt, NJ (July 21, 2012)
–  Billy Pauch of Frenchtown, NJ won his first feature in over 2 months at New Egypt Speedway Saturday night as he captured the 30 lap main event.  Pauch chased Willie Osmun thru the field and then chased him down, wrestling the lead away from him with just 8 laps to go and then holding on for the victory.

“First of all I want to dedicate this race to the late Don Ling, I have been trying to win one for him and I finally did” stated Pauch in victory lane, “Willie (Osmun) is a standup racer, you can race with him and he will give you room. He was tough tonight but we had enough to get it done”

Chris Grbac grabbed the lead from his pole starting position at the start and impressed everyone as he opened up a 3 car length advantage over Mike McAleer, Tom Carberry, Dave Witte and David Van Horn. Grbac lead the first 8 circuits when the first yellow appeared. He then held the lead on the restart only to have the yellow reappear. On the second attempt, McAleer grabbed the lead away only to tangle with David Van Horn in turn four. Unfortunately for Grbac he spun in a separate incident giving up the lead. Osmun then assumed command on the restart with Pauch giving chase. Osmun actually opened up to almost half a straightaway by lap 15 only to see Pauch close back in again. Pauch started pulling alongside of Osmun with 10 laps to go and 2 laps later he finally got by for the lead. But Osmun stayed on his bumper applying heavy pressure until 2 laps to go when Pauch opened up a slight advantage. At the checkered flag Pauch was the winner by 4 car lengths with Osmun settling for a solid second. Witte turned in a nice ride for third, while John McClelland finished fourth. Rounding out the top five was Tad Cox, who used his one point provisional to get into the event, and then past 20 cars for fifth.

John Aumick of Highland Lakes, NJ drove to his third Crate Sportsman win of the year in the 20 lap feature. Aumick raced to the front in the caution marred first half of the event then drove to the victory in the quick second half of the event.  Eric Palmer was a close second but was never able to get alongside of Aumick to challenge.  Steve Hicks finished third, with Jimmy Spellmon coming home fourth in his first appearance of the season. Fifth went to Matt McAnally.

In the Tri-State Race Saver 305 Sprint Series Chuck Palmucci of Bordentown, NJ captured his first win of the year in the 20-lap A Main. Palmucci’s win gives him four at NES which moves him onto the top of the All-time win list with 4 career wins.  Mike Haggenbottom made a late race charge but fell short as Palmucci held him off over the final five laps. Sean Campbell, Joe Lord and Bobby Devault completed the top five.

In the twin Fastrak Late Model 12-lap features, Rob Ormsbee of Wall, NJ swept the two events for the fifth time this season. Ormsbee now has 13 Late Model wins this season in 16 attempts. Cody Dawson finished second in both events holding off Alessa Young in the first one and Tony Giglio in the second.

In NEETS action it was Scott Dunn of Yardville, NJ who held off his sons to get the victory. Dunn was followed by Justin Dunn and younger brother Robby Dunn. Ken Wallace finished fourth, while early race leader Todd Francis settled for fifth.

Next Saturday July 28 it will be the annual Friends of Mike night at New Egypt Speedway. The Modifieds will compete in a 100-lap $10,000 to win event which will also pay an incredible $1,000 to start! The Mods will also race in the fan favorite Rogie Rumble Match Races. The Sportsman and Outlaw Stocks will also compete in invitational events. Racing gets underway at 6pm, with gates opening at 2pm with a giant BBQ and a Chinese auction. There will also be a fan fest open pit area for all ages from 2pm-4pm. For more information, call the speedway office at (609) 758-1900 or log on to www.newegyptspeedway.net.


1st Heat: 1. Willie Osmun 2. Chris Grbac 3. Johnny Guarino 4. Ron John Koczon 5. Darren McCaughey 6. Sam Martz
2nd Heat: 1. Gary Butler 2. Danny Bouc 3. Billy Pauch 4. Ryan Godown 5. Tom Carberry 6. Neal Williams
3rd Heat: 1. David Van Horn 2. Dave Witte 3. Billy Pauch Jr. 4. John McClelland 5. Mike McAleer 6. John Stangle
B Main: 1. Tim Tanner Jr. 2. Rocco Infante 3. Mike Iles 4. Jimmy Blewett 5. Mark Forte 6. DJ Ruppert
Pts. Prov: Tad Cox

Feature (30 Laps): 1. Billy Pauch 2. Willie Osmun 3. Dave Witte 4. John McClelland 5. Tad Cox 6. Ryan Godown 7. Johnny Guarino 8. Sam Martz 9. David Van Horn 10. Ron John Koczon 11. Mike Iles 12. Rocco Infante 13. John Stangle 14. Tom Carberry 15. Darren McCaughey 16. Chris Grbac 17. DJ Ruppert 18. Mike McAleer 19. Billy Pauch Jr. 20. Neal Williams 21. Danny Bouc 22. Jimmy Blewett 23. Tim Tanner Jr. 24. Mark Forte 25. Gary Butler

DNQ: Tommy Farrell III, Sammy Piazza, Rich Acolia, Dominick Buffalino, Ryan Forte, Randy Laird, Tommy Carberry Jr.

1st Heat: 1. Steve Ramsey 2. John Aumick 3. Jarrett Rozycki 4. Ryan Simmons 5. Ron Barnstead 6. Matt McAnally
2nd Heat: 1. Bryan Kuhl 2. Jordan Cox 3. Mike Everett 4. Jeremy Martino 5. Chuck Steuer 6. Frank Dorry
3rd Heat: 1. Mike Carman 2. John Micek 3. Steve Hicks 4. John Haegele 5. Jordan Henn 6. Eric Palmer
B Main: 1. Brian Papiez 2. Jeff Geiges 3. Matt Carman 4. Mike Butler 5. Jimmy Spellmon 6. Clay Butler
Pts. Prov: Doug Urbano

Feature (20 Laps): 1. John Aumick 2. Eric Palmer 3. Steve Hicks 4. Jimmy Spellmon 5. Matt McAnally 6. John Micek 7. Ron Barnstead 8. Jordan Cox 9. Jeff Geiges 10. Ryan Simmons 11. Jarrett Rozycki 12. Jon Haegele 13. Jeremy Martino 14. Doug Urbano 15. Clay Butler 16. Mike Butler 17. Matt Carman 18. Brian Papiez 19. Bryan Kuhl 20. Chuck Steuer 21. Mike Carman 22. Jordan Henn 23. Steve Ramsey 24. Frank Dorry 25. Mike Everett

DNQ: Kyle Cicio, Scott Lamontia, Lauren Emmons, Melissa Scarpati, Adam Cox, Jesse Dill, Joe Dill, Scott Hyland

1st Heat: 1. Phil Meisner Jr. 2. Jeff Schall 3. Joe Lord 4. Chuck Palmucci 5. Sean Campbell 6. Ian Borden
2nd Heat: 1. Kyle Purks 2. Mike Haggenbottom 3. David Martin 4. Ed Newhouser 5. Kyle Reinhardt 6. Jamie Kostic
3rd Heat: 1. Bobby Devault 2. Adam Carberry 3. George Loux 4. Mike Esposito 5. Rick Stief 6. Scott Frack
B Main: 1. Bill Case Jr. 2. Keith McIntyre Jr. 3. Bruce Kindberg 4. Steve Davis 5. Keith Anderson 6. Rick Homan

Feature (20 Laps): 1. Chuck Palmucci 2. Mike Haggenbottom 3. Sean Campbell 4. Joe Lord 5. Bobby Devault 6. Phil Meisner Jr. 7. Jeff Schall 8. Ed Newhouser 9. Kyle Purks 10. Jamie Kostic 11. Rick Stief 12. David Martin 13. Bill Case Jr. 14. Scott Frack 15. Keith McIntyre Jr. 16. Bruce Kindberg 17. George Loux 18. Rick Homan 19. Ian Borden 20. Kyle Reinhardt 21. Mike Esposito 22. Adam Carberry 23. Steve Davis 24. Keith Anderson

DNQ: Jeff Davis, Pat U'Sellis, John Leombruno, Bruno Leombruno, Stephanie Palmai, Harris Kohen, Bruce Bowen

Feature 1 (12 Laps): 1. Rob Ormsbee 2. Cody Dawson 3. Alessa Young 4. PJ Oliver 5. Tony Giglio 6. Skip Syester 7. George Marrero
Feature 2 (12 Laps): 1. Rob Ormsbee 2. Cody Dawson 3. Tony Giglio 4. PJ Oliver 5. Alessa Young 6. George Marrero 7. Skip Syester


Feature (50 Laps): 1. Scott Dunn 2. Justin Dunn 3. Robby Dunn 4. Ken Wallace 5. Todd Francis 6. Mike Dorrer 7. John Webster 8. Kevin Hirschfeld 9. Doug Davenport 10. Mike Dunn 11. Steve Haegele 12. Brian Crosby 13. John Crosby