Clay Butler On Top in Sportsman Headliner at New Egypt

New Egypt, NJ (June 9, 2012)
–  Clay  Butler of Milford, NJ won his first feature of the season at New Egypt Speedway Saturday night as he captured the 30 lap Double Point main event for the Sportsman. With the Modifieds off this week, the Sportsman got a rare chance to headline the show and divisional point leader Butler took full advantage of it as he out dueled Mike Lyons and cruised to the victory.

“We are running really good right now” stated a very happy Butler, “My crew has been working hard and giving me a great car each week and I am just so happy to be on top right now.”

Jason Kosch and Alan Bleacher brought the field to the start with Kosch grabbing the lead only to see Marc Herman roar under him to take command before the completion of lap one. Lyons started sixth and by lap five had moved into second and was chasing after Herman. A restart on lap 9 was all that Lyons needed as he drove by Herman to the point. At halfway, 11th starting Butler moved into second and began chasing after the leader. He caught Lyons with 10 laps to go only to see the caution wave. Lyons held on to the lead on the restart, but Butler got enough momentum to pull off a perfectly executed slide job in turn two to take the lead for good. The final 7 laps were caution plagued but Butler was up to every challenge and he would pull away each time. When the checker finally fell, Butler won by 5 car lengths to pad his point lead while Lyons drove a great race holding on to second. Despite a ton of pressure from Rich Rutski during the closing laps, Herman was able to squeeze out third over Rutski, as Jim Housworth captured his best finish to date coming home fifth.

The Tri-State Race Saver 305 Sprint Series Phil Meisner, Jr. of Bordentown, NJ made a late race pass of leader Kyle Reinhardt and went on to grab his second win of the season. Reinhardt had led the whole race and withstood a serious challenge from Mike Haggenbottom during the first half of the event, however Meisner found the track coming to his car late in the race as he ducked under Reinhardt for the lead with 6 laps to go. Reinhardt didn’t let him get away though and was right on his tail tank as the event ended in heavy lapped traffic.  Bobby Devault had closed in but ran out of time as he settled for third, followed by Haggenbottom and Rick Stief.

The Outlaw Stocks ran two features as they started with their make-up feature from April 28th which found Dan Collamer race from 15th to the lead by halfway and win his first feature of the year. Rich Mongeau was second, chased across the line by John Carpenter, Billy Wroble and Ed Tinsman. In the regular 20 lap feature Jarrod Burdge took his first win of the year, beating Carpenter and Collamer. Ron Freese was fourth and Wroble was fifth.

Jesse Dill of Whiting, NJ took top honors in the HCI/Spike-N-Go Rookie Sportsman feature event for the sixth time, his fourth in a row. Kimme Ling finished second while Melissa Scarpati was third.

Next Saturday June 16th at New Egypt Speedway the Modifieds return for the Fathers Day races. The Crate-1 Sportsman and the TSRS 305 Sprint Cars will be in action along with the FASTrak Late Models and the HCI/SpikenGo Rookies. Racing gets underway at 6pm, with gates opening at 4pm. For more information, call the speedway office at (609) 758-1900 or log on to www.newegyptspeedway.net.


1st Heat: 1. Rocco Infante 2. Alan Bleacher 3. Rich Rutski 4. Mike Hendershot 5. John Cornell 6. DJ Ruppert
2nd Heat: 1. Mike Lyons 2. Ryan Simmons 3. Mike Howardson 4. Chad Barney 5. Kevin Vaclavicek 6. Mike Butler
3rd Heat: 1. Clay Butler 2. Marc Herman 3. Jason Kosch 4. Gene Stravinsky 5. Chris Lane 6. Jim Housworth
B Main: 1. Bob Lineman Jr. 2. Randy Yaple 3. Jeff Marcucci 4. Will Dupree 5. Bill Liedtka 6. John Scarpati Jr. 7. Wayne Bechtel 8. Brian Roemer
Pts. Prov: Ebby Ridge

Feature (30 Laps): 1. Clay Butler 2. Mike Lyons 3. Marc Herman 4. Rich Rutski 5. Jim Housworth 6. Chris Lane 7. Chad Barney 8. Mike Butler 9. Bob Lineman Jr. 10. Gene Stravinsky 11. Ryan Simmons 12. Bill Liedtka 13. Alan Bleacher 14. Kevin Vaclavicek 15. Will Dupree 16. Ebby Ridge 17. Jeff Marcucci 18. DJ Ruppert 19. Mike Hendershot 20. John Cornell 21. John Scarpati Jr. 22. Wayne Bechtel 23. Brian Roemer 24. Rocco Infante 25. Mike Howardson 26. Jason Kosch 27. Randy Yaple

DNQ: Andy Visinski, Melissa Scarpati, J.J. Marini, Marty Saxton, Jason
Dunn, Robin McTighe, Justin Hoffman

1st Heat: 1. Phil Meisner Jr. 2. Ed Newhouser 3. Mike Esposito 4. Kyle Reinhardt 5. Stephanie Palmai 6. Adam Carberry
2nd Heat: 1. Chris Allen Jr. 2. Bobby Devault 3. Mike Haggenbottom 4. Jimmy Campbell 5. Jeff Mueller 6. Ian Borden
3rd Heat: 1. Jimmy Carpenter 2. Jamie Kostic 3. Bruce Kindberg 4. Gabe Fox 5. Rick Stief 6. Sean Campbell
B Main: 1. Joe Lord 2. Eddie Wagner 3. David Martin 4. Chuck Palmucci 5. Gary Berkenstock 6. Stephanie Stevens

Feature (25 Laps): 1. Phil Meisner Jr. 2. Kyle Reinhardt 3. Bobby Devault 4. Mike Haggenbottom 5. Rick Stief 6. Mike Esposito 7. Gabe Fox 8. Bruce Kindberg 9. Jeff Mueller 10. Jamie Kostic 11. Adam Carberry 12. Stephanie Stevens 13. Jimmy Carpenter 14. David Martin 15. Ian Borden 16. Sean Campbell 17. Stephanie Palmai 18. Gary Berkenstock 19. Chris Allen Jr. 20. Ed Newhouser 21. Jimmy Campbell 22. Joe Lord 23. Eddie Wagner 24. Chuck Palmucci 25. Keith McIntyre Jr.

DNQ: Erica Palmai, Kurtis June, Keith McIntyre Jr., Harris Kohen, Keith Anderson, Pat USellis, Scott Frack

Make-up Feature from 4/28 (20 Laps): 1. Dan Collamer 2. Rich Mongeau 3. John Carpenter 4. Billy Wroble 5. Ed Tinsman 6. Gary Klimeczak 7. Ron Fresse 8. Jarrod Burdge 9. Jason Saredy 10. Brian Ludwig 11. Spider Ensinger Sr. 12. Tom Princiotta 13. Everett Taylor 14. Marty Derr 15. Jimmy Avery 16. Todd Woodruff 17. Tony Klimeczak 18. Vern McLaughlin 19. Spider Ensinger Jr. 20. Bill Connelly 21. Bill Liedtka 22. Doug Debray 23. Chris Allen Sr. 24. Art Avery

1st Heat: 1. Ron Freese 2. Jason Saredy 3. John Carpenter 4. Spider Ensinger Sr. 5. Dan Collamer 6. Brian Ludwig
2nd Heat: 1. Jarrod Burdge 2. Rob Longo 3. Everett Taylor 4. Chris Allen Sr. 5. Bill Connelly
3rd Heat: 1. Billy Wroble 2. Gary Klimeczak 3. Rich Mongeau 4. Bill Leidtka 5. Tony Klimeczak
B Main: 1. Jason Prater 2. Spider Ensinger Jr. 3. Tom Princiotta 4. Tom Wills Jr. 5. Marty Derr 6. Don Chambers 7. Ed Tinsman 8. Joe Reid

Feature (20 Laps): 1. Jarrod Burdge 2. John Carpenter 3. Dan Collamer 4. Ron Freese 5. Billy Wroble 6. Gary Klimeczak 7. Jason Prater 8. Jason Saredy 9. Spider Ensinger Jr. 10. Ed Tinsman 11. Brian Ludwig 12. Tom Wills Jr. 13. Spider Ensinger Sr. 14. Rich Mongeau 15. Joe Reid 16. Chris Allen Sr. 17. Tony Klimeczak 18. Marty Derr 19. Tom Princiotta 20. Don Chambers 21. Bill Connelly 22. Rob Longo 23. Bill Liedtka 24. Everett Taylor

DNQ: Jimmy Avery, Doug Bates, Earl Willetts, Todd Woodruff, Todd Dige, Doug Debray, Chralie Gunner, Ed Tinsman Sr., Vern McLaughlin, Art Avery

Feature (8 Laps): 1. Jesse Dill 2. Kimee Ling 3. Melissa Scarpati 4. Scott Doty 5. Lauren Emmons