Mother Nature delivered a heavy dose of liquid sunshine on the New Egypt Speedway just hours prior to the start of the AMSOIL USAC National Sprint Series and Big Block Modified double-header on Thursday night.

And as the saying goes, “the show must go on”, and it did with Bryan Clauson of Noblesville, Indiana winning the 30 lap USAC now-wing sprint car feature event as Dr. Danny Johnson of Rochester, NY earned the victory in the 30 lap Big Block Modified feature.

The late afternoon rain forced a one hour delay in the start of the event that was still completed just after 10:30 PM. The track crew did an outstanding job with the track surface that produced some hair-raising thrills in both feature events. Clauson, also the winner of the opening night Eastern Storm event at the Grandview Speedway on Tuesday, set  fast time in qualifying with a time of 16.344. Despite the violent storms in the neighboring counties around the track, and the rainfall at the speedway, a strong crowd turned out for USAC’s  third annual visit to New Egypt Speedway. Bob Miller, event promoter did announce that the 7th Annual Eastern Storm will take place in 2013.

A field of twenty-three USAC sprint cars took part in qualifying with heat race victories going to Damion Gardner, Levi Jones and “The Beast” Bobby East. For the Big Block Modifieds, a quality field of twenty-nine cars were in the pits with heat race victories going to Billy Pauch, Mike Iles and Jimmy Blewett as the consolation victory went to Ryan Godown.

The thirty lap AMSOIL USAC non-wing sprint feature was a thriller and filled with passing galore. Pole sitter Jerry Coons was the early race leader followed by Trenton, NJ driver Mark Bitner. On the move was Dave Darland who moved into second on lap four. Sixth place starter Bryan Clauson took over third place on lap five and the stage was set for the three wide racing and slide jobs that were still to come.

By lap ten, Coons, Darland and Clauson were in a three car battle for the lead and on lap twelve, Darland went to the front of the line. Coons and Clauson then battled for second and as the field passed for the halfway sign, Darland had a two car length lead with Clauson now second and Coons third as Darren Hagen and Damion Gardner made up the top five.

On lap sixteen, Clauson made a bold move and took the lead with Coons back to second and Darland third. Gardner, who started thirteenth, was now racing in the top five and trying to reel in the leaders. Levi Jones was also threading his way through traffic after starting near mid-pack.

The race once again became real interesting with just five laps to go as Coons and Darland were reeling in race leader Bryan Clauson. With just two laps to go, the top three were racing under a blanket and on the white flag lap, Coons made a run for the lead. Coons had to check-up as Darland used the fast lane to challenge for second. On the final lap heading into turn three, the crowd went to their feet watching the three car race for the win. Clauson held on to take the victory was Jerry Coons second, Dave Darland third, Damion Gardner fourth and Levi Jones fifth.

The 30 lap modified feature was also a thriller. Dr. Danny Johnson started on the pole but the win was far from easy. After leading the first two laps, Johnson gave-up the lead to Sammy Martz as Neal Williams followed in third. Danny Bouc was turning in a strong ride, advancing to third on lap ten. Out of nowhere, Ryan Godown who won the consolation, was now running in the top five.

At the halfway point, Sam Martz had solid command of the lead followed by Bouc, Williams, Godown and Mike Iles. The Dr. came back to life and on lap seventeen, he caught Martz to battle once again for the lead. Martz fought hard but by lap nineteen, Danny Johnson was the leader. On lap twenty-five, Bouc caught Martz and challenged for second, moving into the runner-up spot on lap twenty-six.

At the front of the pack, Bouc was closing on race leader Danny Johnson as Godown began to challenge Martz for third. Martz developed mechanical problems and pulled off the track on lap twenty-seven, opening the door for a Ryan Godown to move into third.

With the checker flag waiving, Danny Johnson took the victory over Danny Bouc, Ryan Godown, Mike Iles and Neal Williams. Making up the top ten were Billy Pauch, John Stangle, Billy Pauch Jr., Darren McCaughey and Richie Pratt.

Event organizers Bob & Donna Miller would like to thank the many fans and competitors who braved the weather conditions and attended the Thursday night event at New Egypt Speedway. Also, a special thank you to the modified drivers who were so helpful in packing the track following the event. There was an enormous amount of cooperation on behalf of the fans, competitors, track staff and the officials of USAC to pull off another successful event. Thank you.


Heat 1: 1. Billy Pauch 2. John Stangle 3. Rick Laubach 4. Danny Johnson 5. Darren McCAughey 6. Dave Hunt
Heat 2: 1. Mike Iles 2. Brad Freeman 3. Danny Bouc 4. Gary Hager 5. Dave Witte 6. Sammy Piazza
Heat 3: 1. Jimmy Blewett 2. Neal Williams 3. Sam Martz 4. Billy Pauch Jr. 5. Tom Carberry Sr. 6. Tommy Carberry Jr.
B Main: 1. Ryan Godown 2. Willie Osmun 3. Richie Pratt Jr. 4. Dominick Buffalino 5. Ron JOhn Koczon 6. John Willman

DNQ: Chris Grbac, Mike Franz, Craig Von Dohren, Rick Holsten, Robbie Nixon

Feature (30 Laps): 1. Danny Johnson 2. Danny Bouc 3. Ryan Godown 4. Mike Iles 5. Neal Williams 6. Billy Pauch 7. John Stangle 8. Billy Pauch Jr. 9. Darren McCAughey 10. Richie Pratt Jr. 11. Gary HAger 12. Dave Hunt 13. John Willman 14. Tommy Carberry Jr. 15. Dominick Buffalino 16. Dave Witte 17. Brad Freeman 18. Sam Martz 19. Sammy Piazza 20. Willie Osmun 21. Ron John Koczon 22. Jimmy Blewett 23. Tom Carberry Sr.

Time Trials: 1. Bryan Clausson 16.344 2. Chase Stockon 3. Dave Darland 4. Hunter Schuerenberg 5. Mark Bitner 6. Jerry Coons Jr. 7. Coleman Gulick 8. Darren Hagen 9. Chris Windom 10. Kevin Thomas 11. Levi Jones 12. Robert Ballou 13. Damion Gardner 14. Mark Smith 15. Bobby East 16. C.J. Leary 17. Jonathan Hendrick 18. Tracy Hines 19. Kyle Moody 20. Jon Stanbrough 21. Joey Biasi 22. Robbie Stillwagon 23. Jimmy Carpenter

Heat 1: 1. Damion Gardner 2. C.J. Leary 3. Bryan Clausson 4. Hunter Schuerenberg 5. Coleman Gulick
Heat 2: 1. Levi Jones 2. Jonathan Hendrick 3. Chase Stockon 4. Mark Smith 5. Mark Bitner
Heat 3: 1. Bobby East 2. Dave Darland 3. Tracy Hines 4. Jerry Coons Jr. 5. Robert Ballou

Feature (30 Laps): 1. Bryan Clausson 2. Jerry Coons Jr. 3. Dave Darland 4. Damion Gardner 5. Levi Jones 6. Darren Hagen 7. Robert Ballou 8. Hunter Schuerenberg 9. Jon Stanbrough 10. Chris Windom 11. Tracy Hines 12. Chase Stockon 13. Coleman Gulick 14. C.J. Leary 15. Mark Bitner 16. Joey Biasi 17. Mark Smith 18. Kyle Moody 19. Robbie Stillwagon 20. Kevin Thomas 21. Jimmy Carpenter 22. Bobby East 23. Jonathan Hendrick