It’s Lyons, Haegele and Burdge Oh My! in New Egypt Summer Slam

New Egypt, NJ (Aug. 13, 2011)
– Mike Lyons of Monroe Twp., NJ captured his third win of the season at New Egypt Speedway Saturday night in the 20 lap Sportsman event. Lyons used his third starting spot to his advantage as he ran away and hid during the first half of the event. Mike Howardson grabbed the lead on lap 11, however a restart 1 lap later found Lyons getting back by into the lead.

The final two laps Lyons was forced to hold off a fast closing Rocco Infante to record the popular victory. Infante settled for a strong finishing second, Danny Bouc crossed the line third followed by Howardson and Will Dupree. The win was career #14 for Lyons, who is now tied for fourth on the all-time list.

Jon Haegele of Ivyland, PA took home his second feature victory of the season in the Crate-1 Sportsman 20 lapper. Invader Ryan Anderson actually crossed the line first after starting 20th, but was disqualified for an illegal carburetor in the post race inspection. Defending champ Jim Housworth finished second, Harry Marlin was third, fourth was John Micek and John Aumick came home fifth.

Jarrod Burdge won his first ever feature at New Egypt in the 20 lap Outlaw Stock event. Burdge charged to the front grabbing the lead just before halfway and then held off former champ Gary Klimeczak for the victory. Defending champ PJ Oliver stole third on the final lap, beating fourth place finisher Billy Wroble off the final turn while Brian Ludwig completed the top five.

In the twin Fastrak Late Model 12-lap features, PJ Oliver of Cream Ridge, NJ and Rob Ormsbee of Wall, NJ were the winners. Oliver won his first feature of the year in the first event as Ormsbee and defending champ Darin Henderson chased him across the line. The nightcap found Rob Ormsbee posting his ninth win over Oliver and Tony Giglio.

The 75 lap enduro was won by Steve Wilson (4 cyl.) and Jim Watkins (8 cyl.).

The Demo Derby was won Mike Dunn.

This Tuesday Aug. 16th it will be a 2-division midweek show featuring the Big-Block Modifieds and the only appearance this year of the ARDC Midgets. Racing gets underway at 7:30pm, with gates opening at 5pm. For more information, call the speedway office at (609) 758-1900 or log on to www.newegyptspeedway.net.


Heat 1: 1. Mike Lyons 2. Mike Howardson 3. Kyle Borror 4. Brian Roemer 5. Kevin Vaclavicek 6. Mike Butler
Heat 2: 1. D.J. Ruppert 2. Danny Bouc 3. Rich Rutski 4. Ryan Simmons 5. Bill Liedtka 6. Richie Cass Sr.
Heat 3: 1. Rocco Infante 2. John Cornell III 3. Joe Systo 4. Clay Butler 5. Will Dupree 6. Tim Apgar
B Main: 1. Bob Lineman Jr. 2. Randy Yaple 3. Joe Funk 4. Pat Wall 5. Ryan Beltz 6. Justin Hoffman

Feature (20 Laps): 1. Mike Lyons 2. Rocco Infante 3. Danny Bouc 4. Mike Howardson 5. Will Dupree 6. Kevin Vaclavicek 7. John Cornell III 8. Joe Funk 9. Bob Lineman Jr. 10. Mike Butler 11. Pat Wall 12. Justin Hoffman 13. Ryan Beltz 14. Tim Apgar 15. Brian Roemer 16. Joe Systo 17. Ryan Simmons 18. Kyle Borror 19. Bill Liedtka 20. Rich Rutski 21. DJ Ruppert 22. Clay Butler 23. Richie Cass Sr. 24. Randy Yaple

DNQ: Alan Bleacher, John Marini Jr., Paul Kline, Gene Stravinsky, Jeff Marcucci, Ryan Osborne, Walt Larsen, Ebby Ridge, Eric Renninger

Heat 1: 1. Steve Hicks 2. John Micek 3. Kyle Borror 4. John Aumick 5. Glen Knell 6. Joe Dill
Heat 2: 1. Bryan Kuhl 2. Dan Mazy 3. Steve Ramsey 4. Jarrett Rozycki 5. Jordan Cox 6. Jon Haegele

Feature (20 Laps): 1. Jon Haegele 2. Jim Housworth 3. Harry Marlin 4. John Micek 5. John Aumick 6. Steve Hicks 7. Kyle Borror 8. Ron Barnstead 9. Jarrett Rozycki 10. Chuck Buchman 11. Steve Ramsey 12. Bryan Kuhl 13. Dan Mazy 14. Glenn Knell 15. Joe Dill 16. Rich Steele Jr. 17. Jordan Cox 18. Doug Urbano 19. Jordan Henn 20. Bob Rambone 21. Jeremy Martino 22. Mike Mongello 23. Mike Everett 24. Scott Hyland 25. Dan Stout DQ: Ryan Anderson

Heat 1: 1. Kevin Bifulco 2. Gary Klimeczak 3. Jarrod Burdge 4. Billy Wroble 5. Spider Ensinger Sr. 6. Bill Connelly
Heat 2: 1. P.J. Oliver 2. Brian Ludwig 3. Jason Saredy 4. Tony Klimeczak 5. John Carpenter 6. Jimmy Avery

Feature (20 Laps): 1. Jarrod Burdge 2. Gary Klimeczak 3. P.J. Oliver 4. Billy Wroble 5. Brian Ludwig 6. Bill Connolly 7. Jason Saredy 8. Tony Klimezcak 9. Jimmy Avery 10. Jim Hewitt 11. Ed Tinsman 12. Darren Cox 13. Marty Derr 14. Spider Ensinger Sr. 15. Jason Prater 16. Dennis Seely 17. John Carpenter 18. Everett Taylor 19. Brian Barker 20. Tom Princiotta 21. Doug Bates 22. Kevin Bifulco 23. Scott Dugan 24. Doug Debray DNS: Brian Willetts

Feature 1 (12 Laps): 1. P.J. Oliver 2. Rob Ormsbee 3. Darin Henderson 4. Tony Giglio 5. Alessa Young 6. Mick Search 7. D.J. Macri 8. Skip Syester 9. Mike Wharton
Feature 2 (12 Laps): 1. Rob Ormsbee 2. P.J. Oliver 3. Tony Giglio 4. Darin Henderson 5. Skip Syester 6. Mike Wharton 7. Mick Search 8. Alessa Young DNS: D.J. Macri

Feature (75 Laps) 1. Steve Wilson 2. Jim Watkins 3. Tom Wolf 4. John Crosby 5. Randy Nelson 6. Scott Dunn 7. John Gasko 8. Mark Naftzinger 9. Kenny Lewis 10. Goop Mondelli 11. Chuck Detweiller 12. Ed Brown 13. Jim Avery 14. Katie Lyons 15. Smokey 16. Frank D’Entroumont 17. Troy Wallbanger 18. Paul Hartwig 19. Danny Serrano 20. Lee Allen 21. Justin Moench 22. Anthony Bohn 23. Richie Cass Jr.