by Bill Baumann

New Egypt, NJ (June 11, 2011)
After winning the thirty lap feature back on May 7, Gary Butler has seen his trips to the NES quite often end in disappointment. As a matter of fact since that date, the Phillipsburg, NJ driver has had a twenty fifth place finish, failed to qualify for two features and on June 4 was a lowly twenty second.

Fortunately though that all changed Saturday night as he roared to victory in the thirty lap headliner sponsored by C&M Automotive Warehouse. The win was his second of the season and will hopefully get him back on track for a top ten finish in the point race when September rolls around.

Lining up on the pole, Butler drove hard into turn one taking the lead with Robbie Nixon second and Jim Robertson third. Robertson replaced Nixon in the runner up spot on lap two as the pace slowed quickly on lap three for a spinning Frank Cozze Jr.

The second generation driver was able to fall in at the rear of the field as Butler was once again out front with John Guarino now second. Beginning to separate himself from his peers, his small but comfortable lead was erased on lap nine for a pair of caution periods.

Returning to green flag racing in a matter of minutes, Butler was showing no signs of slowing down as Guarino continued to run a strong second. David Van Horn had worked his way into third and running fourth was current point leader, Billy Pauch.

Lap eleven proved to be one several drivers would like to forget as a massive pileup in turn two saw fifteen cars involved one way or another. It was a scorers’ nightmare with cars ducking in and out of the pits.  When the lineup was finalized, only three drivers, Nixon, Jimmy Blewett and Mike McAleer unable to continue.

Another double file restart did not hamper Butler's reign as leader whatsoever continuing to keep Guarino in check as Van Horn was now feeling the ever present Pauch on his rear bumper. The pass for third though would be an easy one for the four time track champion as the Harmony Sand & Gravel #71 slowed on the speedway on lap thirteen. Van Horn was able to pull the car into the infield without the assistance of a caution flag.

Pauch was again picking up momentum and easily blew past the Guarino #9 on lap fourteen. Preparing to do battle with the Bouc Racing Engines #00, Pauch began to close the gap a bit, but was never really making any sort of serious attempt at passing Butler.

The final caution flag which flew on lap twenty three for rookie Dave Hunt, gave Butler more to think about knowing the master of the NES was sitting in second. Knowing the restart would undoubtedly be one of the most important of the night, Butler was as smooth as silk, opening up a two car length lead with five laps to go.

Pauch gave the Bifulco owned #1 all it had, but was no match for Butler on this night as he recorded his sixth career modified feature win. Finishing in third behind Pauch was Guarino as Willie Osmun and Tad Cox rounded out the top five. Bob Drayton rebounded from a rough outing the week prior to take sixth with veteran Tom Carberry seventh, Mike Hendershot eighth, reigning champ Rick Laubach ninth and Matt Harrell tenth.


First Heat:  Willie Osmun, John Stangle, Mike McAleer, Matt Harrell, Bob Drayton, Ryan Forte, Mike Barone, Dave Hunt, Steve Haggan, John Salvatore, Rick Laubach, Mike Iles…
Second Heat:  Billy Pauch, Tad Cox, Jim Robertson, Sam Martz, Ron John Koczon, Robbie Nixon, Tommy Farrell, Randy Laird, Jimmy Blewett, Rich Acolia, Tim Tanner Jr., Stan Frankenfield…
Third Heat:  Gary Butler, Johnny Guarino, Frank Cozze Jr. Danny Bouc, Dominick Buffalino, David Van Horn, Tom Carberry Sr., Richie Pratt Jr., John Mc Clelland, Mike Hendershot, Wade Hendrickson, Rich Kuiken Jr., Jimmy Horton…
First Consi:  Laubach, Carberry, Hendrickson, Horton, Mc Clelland, Frankenfield, Laird, Haggan, Acolia…
Second Consi:  Hunt, Blewett, Iles, Hendershot, Barone, Pratt, Tanner, Salvatore, Kuiken…

Feature: Butler, Pauch, Guarino, Osmun, Cox, Drayton, Carberry, Hendershot, Laubach, Harrell, Horton, Pratt, Forte, Tanner, BOuc, Martz, Buffalino, Hunt, Hendrickson, Robertson, Stangle, Van Horn, Nixon, Blewett, Mc Aleer, Koczon, Cozze, Iles…

by Bill Baumann

It was a night the Butler family will long remember as Clay Butler made a late race move to beat brother Mike Butler for his first win of the season on C&M Automotive Warehouse Night. The victory helps to extend Clay Butler points lead as he continues to notch top ten finishes every event hoping to earn his first track title.

It was Joe Funk who took the early lead followed by Mike Butler and Alan Bleacher. Butler made his move early as he was scored the new leader on lap four and was beginning to distance himself from Funk when the initial caution flag of the race flew on lap five for Joe Systo who spun in turn four.

With the track race ready, Butler shot back into the lead as Funk was having his hands full trying to hold off defending champ Rocco Infante. Infante finally worked his way past the Funk #14 on lap eight, but by this time Butler had a very commanding lead.

Looking for a caution flag in which to have a shot at the Butler #4B, Infante's wishes were granted on lap fourteen as Rich Rutski, Bleacher, and Mike Howardson made contact in turn two. Only Rutski was able to return to the event as those cars remaining in the event lined up single file for the restart.

With Infante now sitting on Butler's rear bumper his hopes of winning his first feature of the season were greatly improved, but before lap fifteen could be recorded it was back to yellow flag conditions as Pat Wall and Erik Renninger made contact on the backstretch.

Both competitors were able to pull away from the seen as the event returned to green flag conditions with Butler still the dominant figure. Clay Butler managed to work his way around Funk for third on lap fifteen and began to zero in on Infante.

Using the outside groove, Clay Butler had the Cray Motorsports #4B running to perfection as he slid around Infante and into second on lap eighteen. Having a full head of steam, the next victim on his list was his brother Mike. Not showing any mercy, Clay edged out brother Mike at the line as the white flag was flying.

Appearing as though this one was in the books, back to back caution flags flew before the final lap of the event could be recorded. This gave both Mike Butler and Infante some time to devise a plan which could possibly dethrone Clay Butler from the lead. But all was for naught, as when the green lights flashed on Clay answered Mike's challenge to take the win and complete the Butler sweep.

Finishing behind Infante in fourth was Ryan Osborne as early leader Funk crossed the line in fifth. Making his first start of the year an impressive one, Big Diamond regular Paul Kline brought his #14K home sixth with John Cornell seventh, Mike Lyons eighth, Tim Apgar ninth, and Will Dupree tenth.

First Heat:  Mike Butler, Ryan Osborn, Kevin Vaclavicek, Will Dupree, Bob Lineman Jr., Mike Lyons, Erik Renninger, Kyle Borror, Joe Systo, John Marini Jr…
Second Heat:  Johnny Cornell III, Mike Howardson, Tim Apgar, Rich Rutski, Pat Wall, Clay Butler, DJ Ruppert, Bill Liedtka, Walt Larson, Robin Mc Tighe…
Third Heat:  Rocco Infante, Ryan Simmons, Joe Funk, Danny Bouc, Paul Kline, Alan Bleacher, Ryan Beltz, Marc Herman, JT Trstensky, Jason Kosch…
Consi:  Borror, Renninger, Systo, Kosch, Liedkta, Larson, Ruppert, Jeremy Martino, John Desmelyk, Mc Tighe, Marini, Trstensky…

Feature:  C Butler, M Butler, Infante, Osborn, Funk, Kline, Cornell, Lyons, Apgar, Dupree, Renninger, Wall, Liedtka, Simmons, Bouc, Mike Everett, Systo, Lineman, Rutski, Vaclavicek, Howardson, Bleacher, Borror, Larson, Kosch…

by Bill Baumann

Mike Everett of Ringoes, NJ finally had a long time dream come true as he won the eight lap feature for the rookie contenders. His first career win was an important one as he becomes yet another contender for the Cradle Rock Developers title with a mere three points separating the top four drivers.

Cole Hager led the six car field into action with Everett in second. The first caution flag flew on lap two as John Desmelyk and Jeremy Martino came together. Both drivers were able to drive away from the scene and rejoin the race as Hager was off and running looking for his first career win.

Unfortunately, his hopes would end on lap three as he lost the handle in turn four. Fortunately, his peers all avoided the #20c as he was able to refire the car and fall in a the rear of the field.

Everett now found himself in the lead with current point leader Jordon Cox second.  Cox was running strong but replaced in the runner up position by Martino.  Looking to win his second main event of the series, Everett never gave him the slightest of chances as he went on to score the very impressive win.

Finishing behind Cox in third was Desmelyk with Lee Schaeffer fifth and early leader Hager sixth.


Feature:  Mike Everett, Jeremy Martino, Jordon Cox, John Desmelyk, Lee Schaffer, Cole Hager…

by Bill Baumann

Setting his sights on the 2011 championship, John Carpenter took a big step toward achieving his goal as he captured the twenty lap feature on C&M Automotive Warehouse Night. The win was his third of the season and gave him the outright points lead.

Doug Debray lead the twenty five car starting field to the initial green flag of the event, but before one lap could be recorded, the caution flag flew for a backstretch incident involving Kevin Bifulco, Billy Wroble, Art Fariello, Brian Ludwig, and Brian Barker.

With the exception of Fariello, all four of the other drivers involved were able to rejoin the field as they attempted again to start the event. The second try went much smoother with Debray taking the lead followed by Everett Taylor and Herb Stout. Reigning champ PJ Oliver made a bold move to replace Stout in third on lap two, and he in return was replaced by Gary Klimeczak on lap three.

The top three remained n tact as Carpenter joined the trio in fourth on lap five. The action slowed on lap eight when Ken Snook slowed on the speedway in between turns one and two. His car was pushed back into the pit area as Debray prepared for the all important restart.

Using the restart to his advantage, Carpenter passed both Klimeczak and Taylor to now run second as lap nine was posted on the pylon. Looking to take the lead as lap ten was scored, his plans were momentarily halted as a spinning Tony Klimeczak brought out the third caution period of the race.

Klimeczak was able to pull away from the scene and rejoin the field as the green flag was once again flying. The single file restart aided Debray as he continued to hold off the potent Carpenter #82 with former track champ, Gary Klimeczak still lurking in third.

Trying his best to record his first ever win at the Route 539 oval, Debray was driving the best race of his career as Carpenter was sitting on his rear bumper just waiting for the slightest of mistakes. Not letting the pressure affect his driving style, it appeared as though the Somerville, NJ driver just might pull off the win.

But with two laps to go, Carpenter began to make his move as he pulled even with the Debray #7. Trying his best to hold off the young hard charger, Carpenter was able to take the lead with the white flag flying.

Knowing this would be his best shot at recording a win, Debray came fighting back as he dove under the leader going into turn one, They both drifted a bit high coming off of turn two which in effect gave Debray the upper hand. With the twosome side by side through three and four, it was a virtual drag race to the checkered flag which Carpenter won by a few feet.

Klimeczak had his best run of the season taking third with Bifulco coming back for fourth and Oliver fifth. Bill Connolly started the event in nineteenth and finished sixth with Ludwig, Wroble, Tom Princiotta, and Jason Saredy rounding out the top ten.

First Heat:  Brian Ludwig, Tom Princiotta, Everett Taylor, Jason Saredy, Gary Klimeczak, Herb Stout, Dan Collamer, Brian Barker, Dennis Seely, Bill Connolly, Jim Avery, Earl Willets…
Second Heat:  Doug Debray, Billy Wroble, PJ Oliver, John Carpenter, Art Fariello, Marty Derr, Ed Tinsman, Tom Wills, Ray Posik, Kevin Bifulco, Ken Snook, Jason Prater, Tony Klimeczak…

Feature:  Carpenter, Debray, G Klimeczak, Bifulco, Oliver, Connolly, Ludwig, Wroble, Princiotta, Saredy, Collamer, Derr, Wills, T Klimeczak, Seely, Barker, Avery, Stout, Prater, Tinsman, Taylor, Snook, Posik, Willets, Fariello…