Laubach Responds First at New Egypt Speedway

New Egypt, NJ (September 11, 2010)Rick Laubach of Hellertown, PA drove to his fifth win of the season in the 30-lap Modified feature on “First Responders” night Saturday honoring all Fire, First Aid and Police officers on 9/11, sponsored by Mr. Bob’s Portable Toilets. After problems in his heat race forced him to qualify thru the Consi, Laubach turned his last row starting spot into his tenth career win as he charged thru the field in the first half of the event and won going away.

"This wasn’t really our type of track tonight," stated Laubach in victory lane, "Everyone knows I like the track when it gets hard and slick, not this fast tacky track….But we want to win our second straight title and we will take what we get and do the best we can with it."

John Miloszar led the 25 car field to the initial green and set the pace early, picking up where he had left off with his heat win as Brad Freeman and Gary Hager gave chase. Miloszar is fast every week at NES, but once again lady luck was not on his shoulder as he pulled to the pits during a lap 7 caution period, giving the lead to Freeman. Freeman now had his hands full as Mike Hendershot who started 9th was up to second, but Freeman was up to the challenge as he raced ahead by several car lengths. While these two ran the race of their lives at the front, 23rd starting Laubach was passing cars wholesale as he passed Billy Pauch in traffic, leading the charge of the two title contenders to the front. With only 15 points separating them at the start of the night, the race to the front was crucial and Laubach looked like the man to beat as he charged into third by lap 11 and ran the top two down. Laubach caught them and flew by into the lead at the halfway sign and immediately pulled away leaving no doubt as to who was the fastest on this night. As Laubach got to the front Pauch who was 4th, developed a left front flat tire but continued to race as though he didn’t have a problem. Hendershot continued to hound Freeman for second, but late in the race Keith Hoffman ran them down and got by both of them for the second spot. At the finish, Laubach posted the victory as Hoffman ran a solid second. Hendershot finally wore down Freeman as he grabbed third, with Freeman turning in his best finish of the year in fourth. Pauch was able to drive more than half the race with a left front flat and front end problems and still finish in the top five as he held off Bobby Drayton and Johnny Guarino in the closing laps. Laubach now holds a 27 point lead with just Twin 20’s remaining in the chase for the NES championship.

Defending Sportsman champion and current point leader Rocco Infante of Robbinsville, NJ won his second race this week as he took the win in the 20 lap Sportsman main event. Dave Hunt won a race long battle with Mike Krachun to finish second trailed by Krachun, Gene Stravinsky and Marc Herman.

John Carpenter of Howell, NJ posted sixth win in the last 9 races. Carpenter passed and then held off Billy Wroble who was looking for his first career win.  Wroble finished a solid second, followed by PJ Oliver, last Saturday’s winner Mick Search and Dan Collamer. Carpenter is now within just 10 points of Oliver for the Outlaw Stock championship.
Tonight marks the second time this season that all three of these drivers, Laubach, Infante and Carpenter all won features on the same night. They also accomplished this feat on June 12th. 
Next Saturday night, Sept. 18, New Egypt Speedway presents Championship Night, headlined by the Sportsman. Crate1 Sportsman, Fastrak Late Models & Outlaw Stocks will also be on the card with double point events as we crown a 2010 champion in each of these 4 divisions. It will also be 70’s night at NES and fans are encouraged to wear 70’s clothes, especially any vintage 1970’s racing t-shirts. Gates open at 4:00 p.m. with the first race starting at 6:00 pm. 
Then 1 week later on Sat. Sept. 25th the Modifieds will return to crown their 2010 champion as they will be running the “Fan Favorite” Twin 20’s. For more information, call the speedway office at (609) 758-1900 or log on to www.newegyptspeedway.net.
9/11/10 RESULTS
Heat 1: 1. Billy Pauch 2. Mike Hendershot 3. Gary Hager 4. Randy Laird 5. Tim Tanner Jr. 6. Johnny Guarino
Heat 2: 1. John Miloszar Jr. 2. John Salvatore 3. Willie Osmun 4. Tad Cox 5. Ron John Koczon 6. David Van Horn
Heat 3: 1. Brian Truppi 2. Brad Freeman 3. Mike Barone 4. Keith Hoffman 5. Tom Carberry Sr. 6. Jimmy Horton
Consi: 1. Sam Martz 2. Dominick Buffalino 3. Matt Harrell 4. Bob Drayton 5. Rick Laubach 6. Tommy Carberry Jr. 7. Darren McCaughey 8. Jason Wigett

Feature (30 Laps): 1. Rick Laubach 2. Keith Hoffman 3. Mike Hendershot 4. Brad Freeman 5. Billy Pauch 6. Johnny Guarino 7. Bob Drayton 8. Brian Truppi 9. Sam Martz 10. Tim Tanner Jr. 11. Dominick Buffalino 12. Ron John Koczon 13. Willie Osmun 14. Tad Cox 15. Matt Harrell 16. John Salvatore 17. Mike Barone 18. Randy Laird 19. Tom Carberry Sr. 20. Tommy Carberry Jr. 21. Gary Hager 22. John Miloszar Jr. 23. Jason Wiggett 24. Jimmy Horton 25. David Van Horn

DNQ: Darren McCaughey, Ryan Forte, Gary Butler
Heat 1: 1. Dave Hunt 2. Chad Barney 3. Jimmy Blewett 4. Marc Herman 5. Rocco Infante 6. Clay Butler
Heat 2: 1. Mike Krachun 2. Kevin Vaclavicek 3. Bill Lester 4. Randy Yaple 5. John Cornell III 6. Tim Apgar
Heat 3: 1. Mike Lyons 2. Harris Kohen 3. Will Dupree 4. Richie Cass Sr. 5. Gene Stravinsky 6. Mike Howardson
Consi: 1. George Quinlan 2. Ryan Beltz 3. Ryan Osborne 4. Alan Bleacher 5. Ryan Simmons 6. Mike Butler

Feature (25 Laps) : 1. Rocco Infante 2. Dave Hunt 3. Mike Krachun 4. Gene Stravinsky 5. Marc Herman 6. Clay Butler 7. Mike Lyons 8. Mike Howardson 9. Randy Yaple 10. Will Dupree 11. Ryan Osborne 12. Alan Bleacher 13. Harris Kohen 14. Ryan Hoffman 15. John Cornell III 16. Chad Barney 17. Tim Apgar 18. George Quinlan 19. Ryan Beltz 20. Kevin Vaclavicek 21. Jimmy Blewett 22. Richie Cass Sr. 23. Mike Butler 24. Ryan Simmons DNS: Bill Lester

DNQ: Andy Visinski, Everett Taylor, Walt Larson, Erik Renniger, Robin McTighe, Chris Christ, Todd Zuromski, Jason Kosch, JJ Marini, Bryan Kuhl.
Heat 1: 1. Jason Saredy 2. Brian Ludwig 3. P.J. Oliver 4. Mick Search 5. Scott Dugan 6. Dennis Seely
Heat 2: 1. Billy Wroble 2. Shanon Mongeau 3. Dan Collamer 4. Marty Derr 5. John Carpenter 6. Jarrod Burdge

Feature (20 Laps): 1. John Carpenter 2. Billy Wroble 3. P.J. Oliver 4. Mick Search 5. Dan Collamer 6. Scott Dugan 7. Brian Ludwig 8. Marty Derr 9. Shanon Mongeau 10. Jarrod Burdge 11. Tony Klimeczak 12. Art Fariello 13. Don Salmons 14. Jesse McLaughlin 15. Jason Saredy 16. Jeff Dirkes 17. Dennis Seely 18. Darren Cox 19. Doug Bates 20. Jerry Ellingsworth DNS: Tom Princiotta, Spider Ensinger Sr.

Feature (15 laps): 1. Rob Longo 2. Paul Hartwig Jr. 3. Ronnie Mullen