Tanner Wins Eleventh of His Career at New Egypt

New Egypt, NJ (August 7, 2010) – Tim Tanner, Jr. of Ivyland, PA  picked up the eleventh feature triumph of his career at New Egypt Speedway on Saturday night as he captured the 30 lap feature event sponsored by T&M Associates. Tanner did something that most drivers have not been able to do at NES this season, dominate the competition. Tanner won his heat by over a straightaway and then proved it was no fluke as he charged to the lead on lap 5 and never looked back. Despite several caution flags spread out thru the race, Tanner would pull away from the field each and every time. Tanner survived a last turn near miss with a lapped car to take his second win of the year over 2 time champ Jimmy Horton.

“I want to thank my dad and crew for putting this car here,” announced Tanner in victory lane, “Without their contributions and hard work this isn’t possible.”

Tanner started 7th on the grid and wasted no time as he was up to third by the completion of lap one. He was obviously dialed in as he flew past Tad Cox for second on lap 2 and set his sights on leader Gary Butler. Butler, the outside pole starter, had opened up a healthy lead however Tanner would only need a mere 3 laps to catch and pass him for the lead. At the same time 12th starting Jimmy Horton and 18th starter Billy Pauch moved into the top five and everyone in attendance thought that it was now just a matter of time. Tanner had other ideas though as he pulled away from the pack and ran uncontested thru several double file restarts. Halfway through the event Horton made a great move and passed both Butler and Pauch to move into second with Pauch on his bumper. This didn’t phase Tanner though as he steadily pulled away from these two multi-time track champions. The final caution of the event flew with just 10 laps remaining as Pauch’s motor let go in turn number four. Horton stayed 2-3 car lengths behind Tanner for several laps before Tanner started to pull away again, and was about 8 car lengths ahead on the final turn when he had to slow as he attempted to pass the lapped car of Brian Crammer. Tanner moved to the far outside as Horton gave it one last ditch kamikaze move on the very bottom of the speedway. The move was almost successful until Horton ran out of racing room and slammed into Crammer’s lapped car. Horton bounced off and continued to cross the line second. Fourteenth starter Frank Cozze came home third, followed by Johnny Guarino in fourth and Bobby Drayton in fifth who both also came from deep in the pack.

Bryan Kuhl took sole possession of the Crate-1 Sportsman Point lead as he finally won his first feature of the season and of his career. Kyle Borror continues to be fast every week as he finished a close second chased home by Chris Allen Jr. in third. Bobby Dmuchowski and John Aumick rounded out the top five.

Jeff Geiges won his second Sprint car feature of the season as he captured the 20 lap Tri-State RaceSavers 305 Sprint car event. Geiges dedicated the race to the late John Romano, Jr. who was the former driver of the Pietrofitta #175. Johnny Wyers, who had won the last two races on the tour settled for second on this night, followed by early leader Bruce Kindberg, Ryan Smith and two time NES winner Chuck Palmucci.

The Fastrak Late Models ran two 12 lap features with Darrin Henderson of Pasadena, MD taking top honors in the first one for his second win in a row. Henderson was trailed by Mick Search and Skip Syester who was competing at NES for the first time. Former Super Stock racer Tony Giglio, who had finished second or third in fie of the last seven events, captured his first ever feature win in any division in the second event. Bobby Dmuchowski finished off a successful night with a second place run in only his second race in a Late Model while PJ Oliver cruised home third.

Next Saturday night, August 14th, New Egypt Speedway will present the always popular Powder Puff Night as the wives and girlfriends of many drivers will take to the track at the end of the evening. Before these events, the mighty Big-Block Modifeds will headline a racing card that also features the Sportsman and the Outlaw Stocks. Gates will open at 4:00 p.m. with the first race starting at 6:00 pm.  For more information, call the speedway office at (609) 758-1900 or log on to www.newegyptspeedway.net.

NES AGATE 08/07/10

Heat 1: 1. Jimmy Horton 2. Tad Cox 3. Sam Martz 4. Mike Barone 5. Gary Butler 6. Willie Osmun
Heat 2: 1. Tim Tanner Jr. 2. John McClelland 3. Bob Drayton 4. John Stangle 5. Keith Hoffman 6. Tommy Carberry Jr.
Heat 3: 1. Frank Cozze 2. Ron John Koczon 3. Billy Pauch 4. Johnny Guarino 5. Dominick Buffalino 6. Jim Robertson
Consi: 1. Rick Laubach 2. David Van Horn 3. Gary Hager 4. John Salvatore Jr. 5. Mike Hendershot 6. Darren McCaughey
Fans Provisional: John Miloszar
Pts Provisional: Brian Truppi
Provisionals: Steve Haggan, Brian Crammer

Feature (30 Laps): 1. Tim Tanner Jr. 2. Jimmy Horton 3. Frank Cozze 4. Johnny Guarino 5. Bob Drayton 6. Rick Laubach 7. David Van Horn 8. Keith Hoffman 9. Gary Butler 10. Mike Hendershot 11. Ron John Koczon 12. Willie Osmun 13. John Stangle 14. Jim Robertson 15. Tom Carberry Jr. 16. Sam Martz 17. Steve Haggan 18. Gary Hager 19. Brian Crammer 20. Billy Pauch 21. Dominick Buffalino 22. John McClelland 23. John Miloszar Jr. 24. Darren McCaughey 25. John Salvatore Jr. 26. Tad Cox 27. Brian Truppi 28. Mike Barone

DNQ: Tom Carberry, Corey Anderson, Sean Merkel

Heat 1: 1. Jim Housworth 2. John Aumick 3. Jimmy Spellmon 4. Bob Burgess 5. Doug Urbano 6. Gabe Fox
Heat 2: 1. John Micek 2. Bobby Dmuchowski 3. Joh Haegele 4. Bill Martino 5. Dave Damiano 6. Pat Hires
Heat 3: 1. Harry Marlin 2. Chris Allen Jr. 3. Bryan Kuhl 4. Matt Vaillancourt 5. Kyle Borror 6. Tom Raneri
Consi: 1. Dan Mazy 2. Chris Allen Sr. 3. Eric Engstrom 4. Jarrett Rozycki 5. Bob Rambone 6. Rich Steele Jr.
Pts. Prov.: Ron Barnstead

Feature (20 Laps): 1. Bryan Kuhl 2. Kyle Borror 3. Chris Allen Jr. 4. Bobby Dmchowski 5. John Aumick 6. Jimmy Spellmon 7. Harry Marlin 8. Jim Housworth 9. Jon Haegele 10. John Micek 11. Gabe Fox 12. Clay Butler 13. Eric Engstrom 14. Jarrett Rozycki 15. Dan Mazy 16. Rich Steele Jr. 17. Dave Damiano 18. Chris Allen Sr. 19. Ron Barnstead 20. Bob Rambone 21. Bill Martino 22. Doug Urbano 23. Matt Vaillancourt 24. Pat Hires 25. Bob Burgess

DNQ: Bryan Papiez, Wayne Groover, Danny Destefano, Scott Hyland, Doug Debray, Glen Schneck, Joe Dill, Danny Roslin

Heat 1: 1. Bill Case Jr. 2. John Wyers 3. Jeff Geiges 4. Mike Piersig 5. Bruce Kindberg 6. Mike McManus
Heat 2: 1. Ryan Smith 2. Chuck Palmucci 3. Tim Damiani 4. Mark Sasso 5. Ian Borden 6. Ed Hughes

Feature (20 Laps): 1. Jeff Geiges 2. John Wyers 3. Bruce Kindberg 4. Ryan Smith 5. Chuck Palmucci 6. Mike Piersig 7. Sean Campbell 8. Dean Schaffer 9. Ed Hughes 10. John Leombruno 11. Mike McManus 12. Jimmy Fowler 13. Ken Buckley 14. Mark Sasso 15. Ian Borden 16. Doug Smith 17. Bill Case Jr. 18. Stephanie Palmai 19. Bruno Leombruno 20. Chris Allen Jr. 21. Tim Damiani

Feature 1 (12 Laps): 1. Darin Henderson 2. Mick Search 3. Skip Syester 4. P.J. Oliver 5. Tony Giglio 6. Bobby Dmuchowski 7. Alessa Young 8. Joe Dill

Feature 1 (12 Laps): 1. Tony Gigilo 2. Bobby Dmuchowski 3. P.J. Oliver 4. Darin Henderson 5. Mick Search 6. Skip Syester 7. Alessa Young
DNS - Joe Dill