Bob Drayton Breaks Into Victory Lane

New Egypt, NJ (June 26, 2010) – One year to the day since his last Big Block Modified win, Bob Drayton of Southampton, NJ got his first win of the 2010 New Egypt season on Cradle Rock Developers Rookie Graduation night. With five laps to go and Billy Pauch leading Drayton was slowly reeling him. With three laps to go Drayton was right on Pauch’s bumper when Pauch suddenly slowed in turn 3 surrendering the lead indefinitely to Drayton.

“It was a year ago tonight that we won and before that it was a nine year drought,” said an excited Drayton in Victory Lane. “We are lucky to get back here in a year. I know Pauch had problems, but we were catching him there at the end. My friends Keith and Katrina are here and she lost her sister a year ago so this is for them. I’m real happy about tonight. Next month is the peak of racing and the peak of my work season and my crew works with me both places. Without them I wouldn’t be able to race.”
At the drop of the green flag pole sitter Steve Haggan jumped to an early lead over Tom Carberry who was quickly challenged for second by Brad Freeman. The real mover in the first five laps was Pauch who was up to fifth after starting twelfth. On lap five Brian Truppi slowed going into turn three bringing out the caution, and on the ensuing restart Pauch took the lead. While Pauch pulled away from the field a hard charging Drayton had quietly made his way up to third by lap eight. A spin by Corey Anderson on lap 8 brought the field back to Pauch, who again quickly pulled away from the pack on the restart. The restart helped Drayton pass second place Carberry and set is sight on Pauch. While Drayton continued his pursuit of Pauch championship contenders Frank Cozze, Keith Hoffman, Rick Laubach, and Jimmy Horton powered their way into the top-10, with Cozze being the hardest charger in fifth. On lap 20 Cozze had caught third place Carberry and after exchanging some contact gained the position. The real excitement came when Pauch went into the three on lap 27 and began to slow because of a broken axle. Drayton took the lead in the next corner and went on to score the victory using small block power, while Pauch settled for eleventh. Frank Cozze crossed the line second followed by Tom Carberry,Jimmy Horton and Keith Hoffman. Rounding out the top ten were David VanHorn, Rick Laubach, Willie Osmun, Sam Martz, and last weeks winner Dominick Buffalino.

Continuing his dominance of the Sportsman division, Rocco Infante of Robbinsville, NJ won his third feature of the season. Charging through the field after starting eighteenth, Infante grabbed the lead on lap 12 after passing Ryan Osborne who had a career performance night leading the first 12 laps of the race. Dave Hunt grabbed second on the last lap passing Osborne to to steal second. Rounding out the top-5 were Randy Yaple and Will Dupree.

John Carpenter of Howell, NJ scored his second Outlaw Stock victory in a row with a dominating performance. Carpenter started tenth, but on lap five took over the lead. Defending champion Shanon Mongeau turned in a solid performance finishing second for his best finish of the season. Shanon was followed close behind by his father Rich Mongeau. Rounding out the top-5 was point’s leader PJ Oliver and Dan Collamer.

In the final race of the Cradle Rock Developers/Advantage Financial Rookie class, Bill Lester won the final feature of the season and locked up the championship. This was Lester sixth win of the season. Rounding out the top-6 was Jarrett Rozycki, Dave Damiano, Walt Larson, Danny DeStefano, and Joe Dill. All of the graduating rookies are now eligible to race with the Sportsman and Crate-1 Sportsman on their bi-weekly schedules.
Next Saturday night the URC Sprints make their only appearance of the 2010 season at New Egypt Speedway. This will mark the final regular appearance by New Egypt URC Fast Time record holder Trevor Lewis before he starts his 410 Sprint career. Joining him on the track will be points leader JJ Grasso and local drivers Davey Sammon, Jonathan Swanson, and Robbie Stillwagon. Joining the URC Sprints will be the Big Block Modifieds in a 40-lap Tri Track Series event. The Modifieds will also be running the "Fan Favorite" match races. Following the race will be a huge fireworks display to celebrate the Fourth of July weekend. Pit gates open at 3 p.m. with the front gates opening at 4 p.m. First race will take the green at 6pm. Admission for adults is $25, seniors and military $23, teens ages 12-15 $12, and children 11 and under are free. All fans in attendance will receive an American flag to show their patriotism during our intermission period.


1st Heat: 1. Ron John Koczon 2. Tom Carberry Sr. 3. Frank Cozze Sr. 4. Mark Forte Jr. 5. Sam Martz 6. Tim Tanner Jr.
2nd Heat: 1. Tom Carberry Jr. 2. Brian Truppi 3. Jimmy Horton 4. Steve Haggan 5. Billy Pauch 6. Dominick Buffalino
3rd Heat: 1. Brad Freeman 2. Bob Drayton 3. John McClelland 4. Keith Hoffman 5. Corey Anderson 6. Rick Laubach
Consi: 1. Willie Osmun 2. Ryan Forte 3. Mike Hendershot 4. David Van Horn 5. Johnny Guarino 6. Frank Cozze Jr.
Provisionals: Tad Cox, Mike Barone
Fans Provisional: Sean Merkel

Feature (30 Laps): 1. Bob Drayton 2. Frank Cozze Sr. 3. Tom Carberry Sr. 4. Jimmy Horton 5. Keith Hoffman 6. David Van Horn 7. Rick Laubach 8. Willie Osmun 9. Sam Martz 10. Dominick Buffalino 11. Billy Pauch 12. Mark Forte Jr. 13. Frank Cozze Jr. 14. John McClelland 15. Ron John Koczon 16. Tommy Carberry Jr. 17. Steve Haggan 18. Sean Merkel 19. Ryan Forte 20. Mike Barone 21. Corey Andersen 22. Brad Freeman 23. Johnny Guarino 24. Tad Cox 25. Brian Truppi 26. Mike Hendershot 27. Tim Tanner Jr.

DNQ: John Miloszar, Jim Robertson, John Stangle, Gary Butler

Rookie Feature (8 laps): 1. Bill Lester 2. Jarrett Rozycki 3. Dave Damiano 4. Walt Larson 5. Danny DeStafano 7. Joe Dill

1st Heat: 1. Randy Yaple 2. Ryan Beltz 3. Kyle Borror 4. DJ Ruppert 5. Ebby Ridge 6. Chad Barney
2nd Heat: 1. Marc Herman 2. Rocco Infante 3. Dave Hunt 4. Clay Butler 5. Mike Howardson 6. Bob Lineman Jr.
3rd Heat: 1. Brian Roemer 2. Will Dupree 3. Ryan Osborne 4. Kevin Vaclavicek 5. Gene Stravinsky 6. John Cornell Jr.
Consi: 1. Tim Apgar 2. Jack Swain 3. George Quinlan 4. Mike Butler 5. Alan Bleacher 6. Mike Lyons

Feature (20 Laps): 1. Rocco Infante 2. Dave Hunt 3. Ryan Osborne 4. Randy Yaple 5. Will Dupree 6. Ryan Beltz 7. Mike Howardson 8. Kevin Vaclavicek 9. Mike Lyons 10. DJ Ruppert 11. Marc Herman 12. George Quinlan 13. Kyle Borror 14. Tim Apgar 15. Mike Butler 16. Alan Bleacher 17. Gene Stravinksy 18. John Cornell III 19. Chad Barney 20. Richie Cass Sr. 21. Bill Lester 22. Bob Lineman Jr. 23. Ebby Ridge 24. Brian Roemer 25. Clay Butler
DNS: Jack Swain

DNQ: Ryan Simmons, Dave Damiano, Everett Taylor, Danny DeStafano, Walt Larson, Jimmy Watts, Robin McTighe, Wayne Bechtel, Jarrett Rozycki, Joe Dill, Bill Liedtka

1st Heat: 1. Jarred Burdge 2. Scott Dugan 3. Dan Collamer 4. P.J. Oliver 5. Shanon Mongeau 6. Rich Mongeau
2nd Heat: 1. John Carpenter 2. Billy Wroble 3. Jason Saredy 4. Darren Cox 5. Tom Princiotta 6. Brian Ludwig

Feature (20 Laps): 1. John Carpenter 2. Shanon Mongeau 3. Rich Mongeau 4. P.J. Oliver 5. Dan Collamer 6. Scott Dugan 7. Jarred Burdge 8. Darren Cox 9. Tom Princiotta 10. Brian Ludwig 11. Jason Saredy 12. Gary Klimeczak 13. Tony Klimeczak 14. Ray Posick
DNS: Billy Wroble, Jesse McLaughlin