Pauch Wins 2nd on Wild Night at New Egypt


New Egypt, NJ (May 15, 2010) Ė In a wild night where anything could, and did happen, Billy Pauch of Frenchtown, NJ picked up his second feature win of the young season in the 30-lap Modified feature on Saturday night, sponsored by Roemer Racing. Pauch had to qualify thru the B-Main for the second straight week, however this was just a minor setback for New Egyptís all-time leading feature winner, as he won the 83rd of his career. Frank Cozze Jr. was the story for the most of the event before a tangle with a disabled car two laps from the finish took him out of contention.

David Van Horn started on the pole and brought the field to green taking immediate command. Lap 3 saw Defending champ and current point leader Rick Laubach stop on the speedway, done for the evening with
mechanical woes. Two laps later with the caution back on for Keith Hoffman who was broke, leader Van Horn pulled it pit side as his night was also finished. The restart found Frank Cozze Jr. grabbing the point and pulling away from the field. All eyes were now focusing on his dad, Frank Cozze, as he entered the top five by lap 10, after starting 18th. Cozze reeled in his son and began to challenge for the lead, but young Cozze was up to the challenge as he held sway. By halfway Pauch was in the mix and by lap 20 had passed Cozze for second.  As the laps clicked by, Pauch & Cozze Jr. brought the crowd to their feet several times as they raced side-by-side thru the corners. With just two laps to go, Ron John Koczon lost power in turn one and slowed. Leader Cozze Jr. almost made a great move to miss him, but caught Koczonís car with his rear bumper causing him to spin to a stop. Pauch then cruised to the victory over Cozze, 23rd starting Johnny Guarino, John Miloszar and Mike Hendershot.

Chad Barney of Lakewood, NJ was in the right place at the right time in the 20-lap Sportsman Feature event. George Quinlan & Rocco Infante
raced side by side into turn 3 on the final lap battling for the lead, when the pair washed up the speedway opening the door wide for Barney who drove thru it and on to his second victory of his career, 2 years to the day after his first. Infante bounced back for second at the line, followed by Bob Lineman Jr. third, Mike Lyons fourth and George Quinlan rounding out the top five.

PJ Oliver won the Outlaw Stock feature on the final turn as he & race long leader Johnny Carpenter got together briefly. Jason Saredy raced home second followed by Rich Mongeau, Shannon Mongeau & Carpenter.

In the fifth event of the Advantage Financial/Cradle Rock Developers
Rookie Sportsman series, Dave Damiano won his 2nd of the year holding off Bill Lester and Jarrett Rozycki for top honors.

Darren McCaughey won the 15 lap Bonus Feature for the Modified drivers that had won less than $600 in the last four weeks. This will be a monthly event at NES this season.

Next Saturday night, May 22, New Egypt Speedway presents Banner night. Big-Block Modifieds, Crate1 Sportsman, Rookie Sportsman, Tobias Speedsters & Fastrak Late Models will be on the card. Gates open at 4:00 p.m. with the first race starting at 6:00 pm.  For more information, call the speedway office at (609) 758-1900 or log on to www.newegyptspeedway.net.


1st Heat: 1. Frank Cozze Jr. 2. Jimmy Horton 3. Dominick Buffalino 4. John Miloszar Jr. 5. Brian Truppi 6. Mark Forte Jr.
2nd Heat: 1. John Stangle 2. Mike McAleer 3. Bob Drayton 4. John McClelland 5. Willie Osmun 6. Mike Hendershot
3rd Heat: 1. David Van Horn 3. Tad Cox 4. Darren McCaughey 5. Frank Cozze Sr. 6. Sam Martz
B-Main: 1. Rick Laubach 2. Billy Pauch 3. Tommy Carberry Jr. 4. Tim Tanner Jr. 5. John Guarino 6. Keith Hoffman
Provisionals: Gary Butler, Ryan Forte
Pts. Provisional: Ron John Koczon
Fans Provisional: Tom Carberry

Feature (30 Laps): 1. Billy Pauch 2. Frank Cozze Sr. 3. John Guarino 4. John Miloszar Jr. 5. Mike Hendershot 6. Tom Carberry 7. Dominick Buffalino 8. Bob Drayton 9. John Stangle 10. Darren McCaughey 11. John McClelland 12. Willie Osmun 13. Gary Butler 14. Mike McAleer 15.
Tim Tanner Jr. 16. Sam Martz 17. Tommy Carberry 18. Frank Cozze Jr. 19. Ron John Koczon 20. Tad Cox 21. Jimmy Horton 22. Jim Robertson 23. Ryan Forte 24. Brian Truppi 25. Mark Forte Jr. 26. David Van Horn 27. Keith Hoffman 28. Rick Laubach

B-Feature (15 Laps): 1. Darren McCaughey 2. Tom Carberry 3. Mike Barone 4. John Miloszar 5. Brad Freeman 6. Cory Anderson

DNQ: Mike Barone, Cory Anderson, Brad Freeman, Tommy Beamer, Brian Crammer


Rookie Feature (8 laps): 1. Dave Damiano 2. Bill Lester 3. Jarrett Rozycki 4. Joe Dill 5. Walt Larson
1st Heat: 1. DJ Ruppert 2. George Quinlan 3. Clay Butler 4. Chad Barney 5. Jimmy Blewett 6. Ryan Simmons
2nd Heat: 1. Mike Howardson 2. Bob Lineman Jr. 3. Will Dupree 4. Pat Wall 5. John Cornell 6. Gene Stravinsky
3rd Heat: 1. Brian Roemer 2. Rocco Infante 3. Kyle Borror 4. Mike Butler 5. Mike Lyons 6. Joe Systo
B-Main: 1. Kevin Vaclavicek 2. Dave Hunt 3. Randy Yaple Consi 2: 1. Tim Apgar 2. Ryan Beltz 3. Alan Bleacher

Feature (20 Laps): 1. Chad Barney 2. Rocco Infante 3. Bob Lineman Jr. 4. Mike Lyons 5. George Quinlan 6. Mike Howardson 7. Clay Butler 8. Jimmy Blewett 9. Joe Systo 10. Alan Bleacher 11. Ryan Simmons 12. Marc Herman 13. Kyle Borror 14. Brian Roemer 15. Mike Butler 16. DJ Ruppert 17. Pat Wall 18. Kevin Vaclavicek 19. Randy Yaple 20. Tim Apgar 21. Will Dupree 22. Dave Hunt 23. Dave Damiano 24. Gene Stravinsky 25. John Cornell 26. Ryan Beltz

DNQ: Ryan Forte, Doug Urbano, Jimmy Watts, Jarrett Rozycki, Harris Kohen, Walt Larson, Bill Lester, Ryan Osborne, Everett Taylor, Warren
Floyd, John Marini Jr., Bill Liedtka
1st Heat: 1. Shannon Mongeau 2. Jason Saredy 3. Marty Derr 4. P.J. Oliver 5. Jesse McLaughlin 6. Dan Collamer
2nd Heat: 1. John Carpenter 2. Brian Ludwig 3. Rich Mongeau 4. Billy Wroble 5. Doug Debray 6. Jarred Burdge

Feature (20 Laps): 1. P.J. Oliver 2. Jason Saredy 3. Rich Mongeau 4. Shannon Mongeau 5. Johnny Carpenter 6. Billy Wroble 7. Brian Ludwig
8. Jarred Burdge 9. Dan Collamer 10. Paul Fariello 11. Darren Cox 12. Scott Dugan 13. Marty Derr 14. Goop Mondelli 15. Gary Klimeczak 16. Doug Debray 17. Kevin Bifulco 18. Jesse McLaughlin
DNS: Tom Princiotta