Pauch Overcomes Wednesday Disappointment with Saturday Victory at New Egypt


New Egypt, NJ (October 3, 2009) –  Just three days after losing the Modified title chase in the final point event, Billy Pauch of Frenchtown, NJ bounced back with a strong effort ending in victory lane at New Egypt Speedway on Saturday night. Pauch started 6th in the 40-lap BPG/Hooters tri-track event and beat a star studded field for his 10th win at NES this season on Rocktoberfest sponsored by Hamill Flooring. Pauch took the lead from NY invader Stewart Friesen after a spirited battle and then held off a late race surge by 2009 champ Rick Laubach to record his 81st career Modified win at NES.

Pole sitter Friesen charged into the lead at the start of the event over Laubach, Ryan Watt and Richie Pratt, Jr. Pauch quickly worked his way up to the runner-up spot when the yellow appeared on lap 13 for Pratt, who slowed with a left rear flat. Pauch took advantage of this as he grabbed the lead on the restart, and after several laps of challenges from Friesen slowly began to pull away. Laubach was back in the hunt after halfway as he moved back into second and with just ten laps left looked as though he may have something for Pauch in the late stages. However, with the final 27 laps being run clean and green, Laubach could not muster enough to chase down Pauch who took the checkered 5 car lengths ahead of Laubach.  Duane Howard was the big mover in the event, as he raced from his 19th starting spot after winning the Consolation, to 8th spot in the first 7 laps of the race. Howard got as far as third, before his car finally leveled out and he followed Pauch and Laubach to the finish. Friesen impressed many with his strong run finishing fourth and Jeff Strunk completed the top five just edging out Ryan Watt who came home sixth. Kenny Carberry & Bobby Drayton finished 7th and 8th and picked up the contingency awards. Keith Hoffman and Chic Cossaboone rounded out the top ten.  
Championships were on the line in the other four support divisions, and in a strange coincidence all of the fan voted Most Popular Driver winners for 2009, who received their awards at intermission, won their respective feature events.

Mike Howardson won his first feature event of the year and just the second of his career in the 20-lap Sportsman main event. Howardson took advantage of his pole starting spot to take the win over Pat Wall and Rookie champ DJ Ruppert. JT Trestensky was fourth and Jack Swain finished fifth. Six-time winner Rocco Infante finished 7th to clinch the 2009 Sportsman track title.

John Micek scored his third victory of the season in the Crate-1 Sportsman  feature. Micek took the lead from Bryan Kuhl and then cruised to the popular win. Kuhl was second, followed by Gabe Fox, Rob Stump and Ryan Forte. Jon Haegele needed to finish 11th or better to wrap up his first NES championship, and he did just that finishing 11th to be the NES 2009 Crate-1 Sportsman Champ.

Rob Ormsbee of Wall, NJ won for the second straight race defeating Shawn McCaughey and Todd Cray in the 20-lap Super Stock finale. Jason Bubeck and George Quinlan chased this trio across the finish line to complete the top five. Cray’s third place run put the finishing touches on his second straight track title.

Second year racer PJ Oliver scored his third win of the season in the 20-lap Outlaw Stock feature. Oliver grabbed the lead on lap eight and was the class of the field over the last half of the race winning his third feature of the year. Johnny Carpenter held on for second in a race which had the top 6 cars all finish right together and the Championship decided by just one spot on the final lap. Title contender Vern McLaughlin raced home third, while point leader Shannon Mongeau passed Jason Saredy on the final lap to finish fourth and win the 2009 championship outright by just 4 points over McLaughlin. Saredy crossed the line in fifth. 
This completes our Saturday night racing program for 2009. The final event at New Egypt Speedway for the year will be held on Sunday Oct. 25 at 1pm, when the track presents it’s annual Halloween Havoc show, with a Demolition Derby, an Enduro and an appearance of the Vintage Stock Cars.  For more information, call the speedway office at (609) 758-1900 or visit our website at www.newegyptspeedway.net. 
1st Heat: 1. Frank Cozze Jr. 2. Ryan Godown 3. Ryan Watt 4. Chic Cossaboone 5. Jimmy Chester 6. Ron John Koczon
2nd Heat: 1. Jimmy Horton 2. Billy Pauch 3. Keith Hoffman 4. Jeff Strunk 5. Tommy Beamer 6. Dan Waisempacher
3rd Heat: 1. Richie Pratt Jr. 2. Stewart Freisen 3. John McClelland 4. Rick Laubach 5. Willie Osmun 6. Kenny Carberry
B-Main: 1. Duane Howard 2. Wade Hendrickson 3. Bob Drayton 4. Rich Ricci Jr. 5. Tom Carberry 6. Scott Ambruster 7. Steve Haggan 8. John Stangle


Feature (30 Laps): 1. Billy Pauch 2. Rick Laubach 3. Duane Howard 4. Stewart Freisen 5. Jeff Strunk 6. Ryan Watt 7. Kenny Carberry 8. Bob Drayton 9. Keith Hoffman 10. Chic Cossaboone 11. Ryan Godown 12. Wade Hendrickson 13. Richie Pratt Jr. 14. John McClelland 15. Willie Osmun 16. John Stangle 17. Steve Haggan 18. Jimmy Horton 19. Frank Cozze Jr. 20. Tom Carberry 21. Ron John Koczon 22. Rich Ricci Jr. 23. Scott Ambruster 24. Tommy Beamer 25. Jimmy Chester 26. Dan Waisempacher


DNQ: Chuck Hopkins, John Salvatore Jr., Kevin Nagy, Bruce Gsell, Bobby Sandt Jr. 
1st Heat: 1. Mike Howardson 2. Pat Wall 3. Will Dupree 4. JT Trsesnsky 5. DJ Ruppert 6. Rocco Infante
2nd Heat: 1. Chad Barney 2. Lou Farina III 3. Alan Bleacher 4. John Cornell 5. Mike Lyons 6. George Quinlan
3rd Heat: 1. Bill Liedtka 2. Tim Apgar 3. Kevin Vaclavicek 4. Ryan Forte 5. Gene Stravinsky 6. Jack Swain
B-Main: 1. Keith Plumstead 2. Patrick Cozze 3. Sean Gunther 4. Brian Roemer 5. Mike Bulter 6. Mark Forte Jr.


Feature (20 laps) 1. Mike Howardson 2. Pat Wall 3. DJ Ruppert 4. JT Trsesnsky 5. Jack Swain 6. Mike Lyons 7. Rocco Infante 8. Bill Liedtka 9. Gene Stravinsky 10. George Quinlan 11. Tim Apgar 12. Will Dupree 13. Kevin Vaclavicek 14. Alan Bleacher 15. Mike Butler 16. Sean Gunther 17. John Cornell 18. Keith Plumstead 19. Brian Roemer 20. Ryan Forte 21. Patrick Cozze 22. Mark Forte Jr. 23. Lou Farina III 24. Chad Barney


DNQ: Jeff Marcucci, Harris Kohen, Everett Taylor, John Marini Jr., Dwight Laird, Robin McTighe, Joe Baumann
1st Heat: 1. Jon Haegele 2. Bryan Kuhl 3. Rob Stump 4. Gabe Fox 5. George Idell Jr. 6. Bobby Dmuchowski
2nd Heat: 1. John Micek 2. Ryan Forte 3. Lee Allen 4. Harry Marlin 5. Kyle Borror 6. Ryan Simmons


Feature (20 Laps): 1. John Micek 2. Bryan Kuhl 3. Gabe Fox 4. Rob Stump 5. Ryan Forte 6. Bobby Dmuchowski 7. Bill Martino 8. Ryan Simmons 9. Kyle Borror 10. Eric Engstrom 11. Jon Haegele 12. George Idell Jr. 13. Rich Steele 14. Lee Allen 15. Harry Marlin  DNS : Doug Urbano 
1st Heat: 1. John Carpenter 2. Jason Saredy 3. Rich Mongeau 4. Bill Connolly 5. Vern McLaughlin 6. Tom Wolfe
2nd Heat: 1. PJ Oliver 2. Kevin Bifulco 3. Doug Debray 4. Shannon Mongeau 5. Joe Mongeau 6. Billy Wroble


Feature (20 laps): 1. PJ Oliver 2. John Carpenter 3. Vern McLaughlin 4. Shannon Mongeau 5. Jason Saredy 6. Joe Mongeau 7. Rich Mongeau 8. Doug Debray 9. Rob Longo 10. Jay Bundy 11. Kevin Bifulco 12. Tom Princiotta 13. Billy Wroble 14. Tony Klimeczak 15. Bill Connolly 16. Joe Reid 17. Scott Dugan 18. Kent Kreider 19. Tom Wolfe
1st Heat: 1. Tony Giglio 2. Mick Search 3. George Quinlan 4. Todd Cray 5. Marty Derr 6. Al Burdge
2nd Heat: 1. Rob Ormsbee 2. George Marrero 3. Jerry Confer 4. Jason Bubeck 5. Larry Bubeck 6. Shawn McCaughey


Feature (20 Laps): 1. Rob Ormsbee 2. Shawn McCaughey 3. Todd Cray 4. Jason Bubeck 5. George Quinlan 6. Tony Giglio 7. Mick Search 8. Norm Saxton 9. George Marrero 10. Larry Bubeck 11. Jerry Confer 12. Marty Derr 13. Al Burdge 14. Charlie Gunner 15. Dennis Seely Jr. 16. Pete Fogarty 17. Jesse McLaughlin