Osmun Sharp in NES Sportsman Shoot-out


New Egypt, NJ (July 14, 2009) – Willie Osmun made his first Sportsman start since last fall a successful one Tuesday night at the New Egypt Speedway as he captured  the 50 lap Sportsman Shoot-out. Osmun, Sportsman track champ the last two years at NES, picked up a ride for the race in Joe Baumann’s #64 and drove from 14th starting spot to take the lead from Ryan Godown on lap 28. Once in front, Osmun was strong enough to hold off the challenges of a hard charging Mike Lyons to pick up $3250 for his efforts along with his 20th career win at the central Jersey speedway.

“This feels great after the tough start we have had this year trying to move up to the Modifieds,” stated Osmun in victory lane, “And especially being able to get Joe (Baumann) his first win here. The track was great tonight and the car worked exceptionally well, and it was an added bonus to beat Mike with his old car.” Osmun was referring to second place finisher Mike Lyons, who drove a new car to a second place finish, only to finish behind one of his former race cars now owned by Baumann.

The start saw Ryan Forte bring the 32 car field to the green flag and hold off point leader and 3 time winner Rocco Infante at the start. Forte held Infante at bay for 3 laps until he finally slipped by for the lead. By lap ten 13th starter & former champion Ryan Godown  driving the Stangle racing #6 was in third and looking for more, while 15th starter Rick Laubach was right behind him in Gene Stravinsky’s #7A. Godown and Laubach went by Forte on both sides, racing three wide, as they set their sights on the leader. Infante though would prove to be tough as Godown and Laubach both looked for a way by with the three all leading different parts of 3 straight laps. On lap 15 Infante and Godown were racing side by side in turn one when Laubach dove to the bottom groove and the car got out from under him, spinning and collecting fourth place runner Jack Swain in the process. Laubach’s flat tire forced him to the pits and ultimately his retirement from the event when he lost a lap on the restart. Godown at this point opened up about a 7 car length advantage, but just before halfway his car began to puff smoke out in every turn. Osmun, who now was third drove under Infante to grab second and with Godown’s problems mounting he began to track down the leader. Osmun made the winning pass on lap 28 as he drove under Godown in turn two. Godown would only last 3 more laps before he coasted to a stop in turn four ending his valiant run. Osmun was in control on the restart as Mike Lyons, who started 23rd and went to the pits 4 times under 2 separate yellows in the opening laps, now charged into second. Osmun however had a car that was just too good on this night as he raced home 4 car lengths in front of Lyons at the finish. Infante held on for third with an overheating engine, early race leader Ryan Forte was fourth and invader Kyle Weiss finished fifth. Rounding out the top ten were Pat Wall, Mike Ruggerio, Craig Whitmoyer, Jeff Geiges and Rich Scagliotta.  
Four Heat races were run for the 47 Sportsman on hand, with Forte, Ruggerio, Eric Kormann and Chuck Hopkins taking top honors. Scagliotta and Kevin Vaclavicek won the B Mains. The entire show was completed in just under 3 hours.

Todd Cray dominated the Super Stock 20 lap feature event as he raced to the front in just two laps from his 11th starting spot.  For Cray it was his 4th win of the season and his 11th career. Two time champ Rob Ormsbee was second followed by George Quinlan, Jason Bubeck and George Marrero. 
This Saturday night, July 18, it will be Christmas in July at New Egypt Speedway as Advantage Financial will bring Santa and plenty of gifts to benefit the US Marine “Toys for Tots” drive. To get a chance for one of the many big ticket prizes from Advantage Financial, all you have to do is donate 1 unwrapped toy or make a $5 cash donation. Headlining the program will be the big-block Modifieds, joined by the same Sportsman, along with the Outlaw Stocks and the SS Sprints. For more information about these events, call the speedway office at (609) 758-1900 or log on to www.newegyptspeedway.net. 
1st Heat: 1. Ryan Forte 2. Tim Apgar 3. Will Dupree 4. Rick Laubach 5. Ryan Godown 
2nd Heat: 1. Eric Korman 2. Kyle Weiss 3. Pat Wall 4. Corey Anderson 5. DJ Ruppert 
3rd Heat: 1. Mike Ruggerio 2. Lou Farina 3. John McClelland 4. Jack Swain 5. Mike Howardson 
4th Heat: 1. Chuck Hopkins 2. Willie Osmun 3. Craig Whitmoyer 4. Rocco Infante 5. Kevin Beach


B-Main 1 : 1. Rich Scagliotta 2. Mike Lyons 3. Chad Barney 4. Jeff Geiges 5. Mike Taylor 6. Jeff Marcucci
B-Main 2 : 1. Kevin Vaclavicek 2. Steve Davis 3. George Quinlan 4. Sean Gunther 5. Darren McCaughey 6. Bobby Butler


Feature (50 Laps):

1. Willie Osmun

2. Mike Lyons

3. Rocco Infante

4. Ryan Forte

5. Kyle Weiss

6. Pat Wall

7. Mike Ruggerio

8. Craig Whitmoyer

9. Jeff Geiges 10. Rich Scagliotta 11. Mike Howardson 12. Jack Swain 13. John McClelland 14. Lou Farina III 15. Kevin Beach 16. Sean Gunther 17. Eric Korman 18. Kevin Vaclavicek 19. Bobby Butler 20. Will Dupree 21. Tim Apgar 22. George Quinlan 23. Chuck Hopkins 24. Corey Anderson 25. Ryan Godown 26. Steve Davis 27. DJ Ruppert 28. Rick Laubach 29. Darren McCaughey 30. Mike Taylor 31. Jeff Marcucci DQ: Chad Barney


DNQ: Rob Stump, Bryan Papiez, Frank Holmes, George Idell Jr., Ryan Hoffman, Everett Taylor, Jimmy Watts, Mark Forte Jr., John Cornell, Robin McTighe, Alan Bleacher, Marc Herman, George Ferguson, Wayne Bechtel, Bill Liedtka
1st Heat: 1. Rob Ormsbee 2. Larry Bubeck 3. Tony Giglio 4. Jason Bubeck 5. Marty Derr 6. Mike Vaccaro
2nd Heat: 1. Todd Cray 2. Nick Vasquez 3. George Quinlan 4. Jerry Confer 5. George Marrero 6. Pete Fogarty


Feature (20 Laps): 1. Todd Cray 2. Rob Ormsbee 3. George Quinlan 4. Jason Bubeck 5. George Marrero 6. Larry Bubeck 7. Marty Derr 8. Nick Vasquez 9. Jerry Confer 10. Kenny Guyer 11. Jesse McLaughlin 12. Charlie Gunner 13. Dennis Seely Jr. 14. Mick Search 15. Mike Vaccaro 16. Al Burdge 17. Kevin Bifulco 18. Tony Giglio 19. Norm Saxton 20. Pete Fogarty