NES Results for Sunday "Junkin June"


New Egypt, NJ (June 28, 2009)   In the Outlaw Stock division Vern McLaughlin of Whitehouse Station, NJ stormed to his first win of the season. McLaughlin wasted little time as he drove from his seventh row starting position to the lead before halfway mark. Chasing McLaughlin to the finish were the father and son duo of Shannon and Rich Mongeau. This time around it was son Shannon who led the point leader Rich to the checkered flag. Rounding out the top 5 was Rich's brother Joe Mongeau and Gary Klimeczak.

The Crate-1 Sportsman had two 15-lap features on tap for Sunday. Blue Anchor, NJ's Ryan Forte and Southampton, NJ's George Idell Jr. were the victors in Sunday's double feature program. Forte drove a smooth race on a tricky day-time service to record his first ever Crate-1 victory. Following Forte across the line was Bobby Dmuchowski and Gabe Fox. In the second 15-lap race Neal Williams drove to an apparent victory, but was later found not to be conformant to the NES rulebook. George Idell Jr. was deemed the winner followed by Jon Haegele and Gabe Fox.


Pat Hires of Azalea, PA won the 50 lap Enduro Race while Mike Dunn took top honors in the Demo Derby.





1st Heat: 1. Rich Mongeau 2. Mike Butler 3. John Carpenter 4. Joe Mongeau 5.Doug Debray 6. Kevin Bifulco

2nd Heat: 1. Vern McLaughlin 2. Shanon Mongeau 3. Billy Wroble 4. Brian Ludwig 5.
J. Henry Doerr 6. Scott Dugan


Feature (20 Laps): 1. Vern McLaughlin 2. Shanon Mongeau 3. Rich Mongeau 4. Joe Mongeau 5. Gary Klimeczak 6. J. Henry Doerr 7. John Carpenter 8. Spider Ensinger Sr. 9. Billy Wroble 10. Spider Ensinger Jr. 11. Brian Ludwig 12. 7MM 13. PJ Oliver 14.
Doug Debray 15. Ray Posik 16. Tom Princiotta 17. Scott Dugan 18. 9A 19. Jay Bundy 20. 46 21. Mike Butler 22. Jason Saredy 23. Joe Reid 24. Kevin Bifulco



1st Feature (15 Laps): 1. Ryan Forte 2. Bob Dmuchowski 3. Gabe Fox 4. Jon Haegele 5. Rob Stump 6. Neal Williams 7. Bryan Papiez 8. Lee Allen 9. Rich Steele 10. George Idell Jr. 11. Tom Raneri 12. Bryan Kuhl 13. Ryan Simmons 14. Pat Wall 15. Harry Marlin 16. George Ferguson


2nd Feature (15 Laps): 1. George Idell Jr. 2. Jon Haegele 3. Gabe Fox 4. Rob Stump 5. Bryan Papiez 6. George Ferguson 7. Ryan Forte 8. Bryan Kuhl 9. Pat Wall 10. Harry Marlin 11. Lee Allen 12. Rich Steele 13. Ryan Simmons 14. Bob Dmuchowski 15. Tom Raneri DQ: Neal Williams



Feature (50 Laps): 1. Pat Hires 2. Mike Naftzinger 3. Justin Dunn 4. Joe Garey 5. Jim Watkins 6. Rob Longo 7. Jack Zeikdorff 8. Brian Phillips 9. Bill Lester 10. Ruth Schultz 11. Richard Crawford 12. Chuck Detweiler 13. John Crosby 14. Billy Walker 15. Bill Stockert 16. Richie Cass Sr. 17. Chris Crawford 18. Mike Hires 19. Rick Latza
20. John Bilarczyk 21. Katie Lyons 22. Mike Dunn