Pauch Makes It Two Straight At New Egypt


New Egypt, NJ (May 2, 2009) Ė Billy Pauch of Frenchtown, NJ won his second straight feature at New Egypt Speedway Saturday night as he captured the 30 lap B&B Towing and Recycling sponsored event. Pauch took the lead in lapped traffic on lap 22 from race long leader Bob Drayton, then held off several challenges from two time champ Frank Cozze to post his 73rd career Modified triumph.

After several tries to complete the first two laps and a 10 car pileup in turn number one, the race finally got rolling with Bob Drayton grabbing the lead away from Tom Carberry on lap #3. Drayton appeared very quick, as he and Frank Cozze motored to a 2/3 of a straightaway lead. Pauch emerged in third by lap 8 and began to try and run the front runners down.  Pauch was making progress and he was considerably closer when the the two leaders hit lapped traffic at the halfway point. Without a caution flag to help, Pauch worked lapped traffic masterfully and grabbed second from Cozze on lap 19. Drayton proved not to be as easy though as he held Pauch at bay until lap 22 when pauch got an opening on the bottom and drove into the lead. Drayton didnít let him get away though as the crowd was really getting into this duel for the lead as Cozze continued to threaten. On lap 26, Drayton brought out the first yellow since lap 2 as the car got out from under him in turn four almost collecting Cozze as well. Cozze somehow avoided disaster and then on the restart mounted a serious challenge for the win. Pauch proved to have just a little too much though as he held off Cozze to take the victory. Cozze, who arrived just minutes before his heat after watching his daughter graduate college in the afternoon, settled for a strong second place run, followed by 21st starter Bucky Kell, Sam Martz and invader Richie Pratt Jr.

Rocco Infante of Robbinsville, NJ showed he is the man to beat, as he raced from 14th starting spot to pass leader Jeff Geiges on lap 12 and then went on to cruise to the victory in the 20 lap Sportsman feature. Geiges gave a strong perfomance to finish second in the Mongiello Motorsports entry, followed by Mike Howardson in third. Bill Liedtka finished fourth in only his second event in the Sportsman divison after moving up from the Super Stock divison and Will Dupree placed in the top five for the second straight time finishing fifth.

P.J. Oliver won the 20 lap Outlaw Stock feature event. For young Oliver it was only his second career win as he held off many challenges including the final one from defending champ and opening night winner Rich Mongeau. Billy Wroble had his best ever finish coming home third, followed by John Carpenter and Vern McLaughlin who both bounced back from early race tangles to finish fourth and fifth respectively.

In the Advantage Financial/Cradle Rock Developers Rookie Sportsman series, Brian Roemer won the 8 lap feature event for the third time in a row, remaining undefeated so far. Matt Vaillancourt finished second in only his second start, followed closely by DJ Ruppert. 
Next Saturday night, May 9, New Egypt Speedway presents Ladies Night sponsored by CMX Engineering. All Ladies will receive $2 off the admission price and in celebration of Mothers day all moms will receive flowers. The racing will feature a full card of Big-Block Modifieds, Super Stocks, Crate1 Sportsman & Rookies. Gates open at 4:00 p.m. with the first race starting at 6:00 pm.  For more information, call the speedway office at (609) 758-1900 or log on to www.newegyptspeedway.net.


Agate 5/2/09
Heat 1: 1. Ron John Koczon 2. Gary Butler 3. Bob Drayton 4. Wade Hendrickson 5. Jimmy Chester 6. John McClelland
Heat 2: 1. Rick Laubach 2. Tim Tanner Jr. 3. Tom Carberry 4. John Miloszar 5. Ken Carberry  6. Richie Pratt Jr. 
Heat 3: 1. Frank Cozze 2. Billy Pauch 3. Sam Martz 4. Frank Cozze Jr. 5. Johnny Guarino 6. Dominick Buffalino 
B-Main 1: 1. Mark Forte Jr. 2. Bucky Kell 3. Mike McAleer 
B-Main 2: 1. Tad Cox 2. Donnie Radd 3. Rick Holsten


Feature (30 Laps): 1. Billy Pauch 2. Frank Cozze 3. Bucky Kell 4. Sam Martz 5. Richie Pratt Jr. 6. Dominick Buffalino 7. Tom Carberry 8. John McClelland 9. Tad Cox 10. Wade Hendrickson 11. Tim Tanner Jr. 12. Jimmy Chester 13. Rick Laubach 14. Mark Forte Jr. 15. Rick Holsten 16. Bob Drayton 17. Mike Hendershot 18. Donnie Radd 19. Mike Krachun 20. Mike Iles 21. Frank Cozze Jr. 22. Johnny Guarino 23. Gary Butler 24. John Miloszar 25. Kenny Carberry 26. Mike McAleer 27. Ron John Koczon


DNQ: Rich Rutski, Chris Grbac, Chris Allen Jr., John Salvatore Jr., Dan Waisempacher, Marc Herman, Bobby Sandt Jr., Jimmy Horton, John Stangle, Jim Robertson.
Heat 1: 1. Jeff Geiges 2. Ryan Forte 3. Rocco Infante 4. Will Dupree 5. George Quinlan 6. Alan Bleacher 7. Mike Howardson 8. Bill Liedtka
Heat 2: 1. Pat Wall 2. Tim Apgar 3. Chad Barney 4. Jeff Marcucci 5. John Stangle 6. JT Trstensky 7. Corey Anderson 8. Everett Taylor
B-Main: 1. Lou Farina 2. John Cornell 3. Joe Baumann 4. DJ Ruppert 5. Wayne Bechtel 6. Jimmy Watts 7. Harris Kohen 8. Bob Cook 9. Robin McTighe


Feature (20 Laps): 1. Rocco Infante 2. Jeff Geiges 3. Mike Howardson 4. Bill Liedtka 5. Will Dupree 6. Tim Apgar 7. DJ Ruppert 8. George Quinlan 9. JT Trstensky 10. Alan Bleacher 11. Corey Anderson 12. Jeff Marcucci 13. Jimmy Watts 14. Everett Taylor 15. Wayne Bechtel 16. John Stangle 17. Harris Kohen 18. John Cornell 19. Bob Cook 20. Lou Farina 21. Chad Barney 22. Ryan Forte 23. Joe Baumann 24. Robin McTighe


DNQ: John Marini Jr., Matt Vaillancourt, Ryan Simmons, Sam Piazza, Ryan Hoffman
Heat 1: 1. PJ Oliver 2. Billy Wroble 3. Rich Mongeau 4. Jason Saredy 5. Mike Butler
Heat 2: 1. Vern McLaughlin 2. Dan Collamer 3. John Carpenter 4. Brian Ludwig 5. Shannon Mongeau


Feature (20 Laps): 1. PJ Oliver 2. Rich Mongeau 3. Billy Wroble 4. John Carpenter 5. Vern McLaughlin 6. Shannon Mongeau 7. Mike Butler 8. Brian Ludwig 9. Doug Debray 10. Spider Ensinger Jr. 11. Bobby Butler 12. Jarred Burdge 13. Jay Bundy 14. Jason Saredy 15. Joe Reid 16. Gary Klimeczak 17. Tom Princiotta 18. J. Henry Doerr 19. Tom Wolfe 20. Dan Collamer DNS: Goop Mondelli
Feature (8 Laps): 1. Brian Roemer 2. Matt Vaillancourt 3. DJ Ruppert 4. Ryan Simmons 5. Sam Piazza 6. Harris Kohen 7. Ryan Hoffman