Butler Stuns Crowd in New Egypt Tri-Track Event


New Egypt, NJ (April 18, 2009) – Gary Butler of Phillipsburg, NJ shocked the large crowd on hand at New Egypt Speedway Saturday night as he captured the 40 lap BPG/Hooters Tri-Trackl Track Series event, sponsored by Hamill Flooring. Butler, the only driver in NES history to win features in all three of the core divisions, made his first Modified start in 9 years and held off NES defending champ Billy Pauch in the late stages to come home victorious.

"This is just unbelievable," exclaimed Butler in victory lane, "When we made the decision to move back up to the Modifieds, I never dreamed that we would win this quickly."


Butler started 3rd by the luck of the draw and dropped back to fourth at the start. On lap three, Butler rebounded and grabbed second spot and began to challenge race leader Tim Tanner for the lead. The duo battled it out for four laps before Butler seized the top spot. Once in front, Butler showed that he was the man to beat as his car hooked up perfectly on the new red clay surface and he began to open up a comfortable lead. Pauch, who started 7th, began to make his presence known as he raced hard with Tanner. The 71 time NES Feature winner took over second position on lap 14 and everyone was now watching and waiting for the inevitable. However, on this evening, Butler had the combination to beat and he maintained a comfortable 5 car length advantage even following two restarts. With just 10 laps remaining, the pair hit heavy lapped traffic for the first time putting the two side by side on several occasions. Butler was up to each challenge and held off the 4-time track champ each and every time. With just 5 to go, the yellow appeared for the final time, giving Butler what he had hoped for….a clear track. Butler took advantage and cruised to his third career Mod win at NES winning by almost 2 seconds over runnerup Pauch. Tanner drove a very strong race finishing third. Ryan Watt was very consistent throughout the event and finished fourth and former champion Keith Hoffman completed the top five.

Rocco Infante of Robbinsville, NJ showed he is still a force to be reckoned with this season as he won his tenth career feature in a race that featured many side by side battles on the new widened speedway. Fast-timer John Stangle took second place honors in the 20 lap event as he held off strong challenges from Mike Howardson and Tim Apgar. Howardson & Apgar finished third and fourth respectively followed by Will Dupree, who bounced back from a lap 4 crash to finish fifth.

Defending champ Rich Mongeau of Brick, NJ looked strong in the Outlaw Stock season opener. The fast timer started tenth and wasted no time as he was in the lead by lap 5 and drove to his fourth career win. Outlaw Stock hotshoes Vern McLaughlin and 2007 champ Gary Klimeczak finished second and third, followed by newcomer Johnny Carpenter and rookie Mike Butler.

In the 2009 opener of the Advantage Financial/Cradle Rock Developers Rookie Sportsman series, Brian Roemer won the 8 lap feature event in his first ever start in a Sportsman. Sam Piazza was second followed by Ryan Simmons in third.


Next Saturday night, April 25, New Egypt Speedway presents New Egypt Night, as all adult New Egypt residents w/ID will receive $5 off their adult admission price. The racing will feature a full card of Big-Block Modifieds, Super Stocks, Crate1 Sportsman & Rookies. Gates open at 4:00 p.m. with the first race starting at 6:00 pm.  For more information, call the speedway office at (609) 758-1900 or log on to www.newegyptspeedway.net.


Agate 4/18/09
Heat 1: 1. Ron John Koczon 2. Bucky Kell 3. Tim Tanner Jr. 4. Kenny Brightbill 5. Mike Krachun
Heat 2: 1. Frank Cozze 2. Ryan Watt 3. Jimmy Chester 4. Tad Cox 5. Jimmy Horton 
Heat 3: 1. John Stangle 2. Keith Hoffman 3. Rick Laubach 4. John McClelland 5. Ken Carberry  
Heat 4: 1. Gary Butler 2. Billy Pauch  3. Mark Forte Jr. 4. Mike Hendershot 5. Dominick Buffalino
B-Main 1: 1. John Miloszar 2. Richie Pratt Jr. 3. Willie Osmun 
B-Main 2: 1. Chad James 2. Bob Drayton 3. Mike McAleer

(Prov: John Salvatore Jr., Jim Robertson, Sam Martz, Dan Waisempacher)


Feature (40 Laps): 1. Gary Butler 2. Billy Pauch 3. Tim Tanner Jr. 4. Ryan Watt 5. Keith Hoffman 6. John McClelland 7. Bucky Kell 8. Rick Laubach 9. Jimmy Chester 10. Ron John Koczon 11. Kenny Brightbill 12. Tad Cox 13. Mark Forte Jr. 14. Frank Cozze 15. Willie Osmun 16. John Miloszar 17. Mike McAleer18. Mike Hendershot 19. Dan Waisempacher 20. Richie Pratt Jr. 21. Dominick Buffalino 22. John Salvatore Jr. 23. John Stangle 24. Jim Robertson 25. Bob Drayton 26. Chad James 27. Ken Carberry 28. Jimmy Horton 29. Mike Krachun DNS: Sam Martz


DNQ: Rick Wegner, Mike Franz, Bill Klingmeyer, Chris Grbac, Brad Freeman, Tom Carberry, Rick Holsten, Chris Allen Jr., Bobby Sandt Jr., Bob Sarkisian, Johnny Guarino
Rookie Feature (8 Laps): 1. Brian Roemer 2. Sam Piazza 3. Ryan Simmons 4. DJ Ruppert 5. Joe Reid 6. Harris Kohen DNS: Ryan Hoffman


Timed Dashes: 1. John Stangle 18.215  2. Will Dupree 18.584 3. John Marini Jr. 18.600 4. Bill Liedtka 18.638 5. Mike Howardson 18.660 6. Lou Farina 18.669 7. Tim Apgar 18.728 8. Chad Barney 18.748 9. Ryan Forte 18.755 10. George Quinlan 18.762

B-Main: 1. Jeff Geiges 2. Sean Gunther 3. Doug Urbano 4. JT Trstensky 5. Pat Wall 6. Marc Herman 7. Alan Bleacher 8. Wayne Bechtel


Feature (20 Laps): 1. Rocco Infante 2. John Stangle 3. Mike Howardson 4. Tim Apgar 5. Will Dupree 6.Jeff Marcucci 7. Brian Papiez 8. George Quinlan 9. JT Trestensky 10. Bill Liedtka 11. Lou Farina 12. Sean Gunther 13. Ryan Forte 14. Bobby Dmuchowski 15. John Marini 16. Alan Bleacher 17. Doug Urbano 18. Chad Barney 19. Brian Roemer 20. Jeff Geiges 21. Marc Herman 22. Wayne Bechtel 23. Joe Baumann 24. Pat Wall 25. Andy Visinski


DNQ: John Cornell, Everett Taylor, Gene Stravinsky, Sam Piazza, DJ Ruppert, Darrell Delnero, Robin McTighe, Kevin Vaclavicek, Ryan Hoffman, Ryan Simmons, Harris Kohen.
Timed Dashes: 1. Rich Mongeau  21.198 2. Vern McLaughlin 21.346 3. P.J. Oliver 21.737 4. Billy Wroble 21.876 5. Mike Butler 21.884 6. J. Henry Doerr 21.888 7. Gary Klimeczak 22.084 8. Doug Debray 22.248


Feature (20 Laps): 1. Rich Mongeau 2. Vern McLaughlin 3. Gary Klimeczak 4. John Carpenter 5. Mike Butler 6. Dan Collamer 7. Bobby Butler 8. Brian Ludwig 9. Spider Ensinger Jr. 10. Ken Watson 11. Shannon Mongeau 12. Stroker Ace 13. Doug Debray 14. Tom Princiotta 15. Jay Bundy 16. Bill Connolly 17. Joe Mongeau 18. Joe Reid 19. Jarrod Burdge 20. Billy Wroble 21. J. Henry Doers 22. Rob Walsh  23. PJ Oliver