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Name:    John Miloszar Jr.
Years Racing:    20+
Car No:    32c
Division:    Modified
Town/Residence:    Tabernacle, NJ
Age:    48
Birthday:    July 30, 1961
Height:    6'
Weight:    165
Marital Status:    Divorced
Children/Ages:    0
Career Wins/Championships:    0
Car Owner:    John Miloszar Jr.
Chassis:    Troyer
Engine:    Chevy
Sponsors:  Allied Recyling & Recreation Depot and Medford Speed
Crew:    Bobby, Mark, Frank and David
Favorite TV Show:    Survivor
Favorite Movie:    None
Hobbies & Interests:    NASCAR
Occupation:    Iron Worker
Favorite NASCAR Driver:    Greg Biffle
Favorite Music Artist:    None
Favorite Sports Team:    Phillies
Favorite Food:    Pizza




















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