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Name:    Ron Barnstead
Nickname:   Big Ron
Car No.    55
Division:    Crate Sportsman
Divisions Competed:   Street Stock, Mini Stock, Super Stock, Sand Drags
Town/Residence:    Pemberton Twp - Browntown, NJ
Age:    59
Birthday:    October 28th
Height:    6'0"
Marital Status:    Married - Sandy
Career Wins/Championships:    5 Feature Wins Late Model Stock Division Bridgeport Speedway
Goals in Racing Career:   Race - Race - Race!
Goals for This Season:   Go Fast, Turn Left!
Car Owner:     Self
Chassis:     Bicknell
Engine:    Juan Valdez
Sponsors:    Andy's Pro Auto Repair - Browns Mills, NJ
Crew:     Paul Cameron
Favorite TV Show:    Breaking Bad
Favorite Actor:   Robert Mitchum
Favorite Movie:    Thunder Road, The Roadwarrior
Hobbies and Interests:     Harleys and Loose Wimmin!
Occupation:    Facility Maintenance Mechanic
Favorite NASCAR Driver:    AJ Foyt
Favorite Hero Local: Sammy Beavers
Favorite Music Artist:    ZZ Top
Favorite Sports Team:    Texas Bikini Team
Favorite Food:    Poke Chops off da grill!
Favorite Trach Food:   What Other People GIve Me
Favorite Drink:    Diet Coke
Favorite Ice Cream:   Chocolate Chip Mint

Race Track Superstitions:   Nuthin Green
Biggest Racing Accomplishment:   First Feature Win
Most Forgettable Racing Moment:   Pulling Steering Wheel Off at First Feature Win
What Scares You:   A Mad Wife












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